CD Jae Sinnett

Jae’s Last Jazz Record

By Jim Newsom   “I think I put out a pretty good record.” Jae Sinnett was talking about his new CD, Subject to Change. It’s a finely crafted, consummately produced, appealingly paced, deliciously diverse collection that spotlights his prowess as a composer and arranger. It is his most enjoyable outing yet. After one listen, I

Old Dominion University provost Carol Simpson and President John Broderick present an honorary doctorate to composer John Duffy (photo courtesy of ODU)

John Duffy: Heavyweight Service with Songs

By Montague Gammon III   Golden Gloves fighter at fourteen, underwater warrior a little later, Gandhi follower since early adulthood, double Emmy winning composer, conductor and music director; former boxer and World War 2 frogman John Duffy just might be Greater Norfolk’s least well-known, world famous artist. His compositions for theatre, film, opera, and TV

Main 1 - Photo Credit - Jeff Farsai

Jammin’ with Slightly Stoopid

By Jeff Maisey   Slightly Stoopidhas made a name for itself by creating a musical jambalaya that includes the ingredients of folk, rock, reggae, hip hop, blues, funk, metal and punk. The group has seven studio albums and three live recordings to its credit since forming in 1995 when they were signed to Skunk Records,