As you can see below, 2023 was a sensational year for bands and musicians in the 757 region. 

Voting will begin this week. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for announcement.

Note: Most of the categories required potential nominees to have released a single, EP, album, or music video in 2023. We also considered a live performance opening for a national act. Inevitably, with such a region rich in local bands (without PR firms promoting them), we may have overlooked someone, and for this reason we’ve included a ‘write-in” option for each category. Just fill in the blank box. 

Good luck to all and be sure to attend the 2024 Veer Music Awards presented by the City of Hampton’s Department of Economic Development on Sunday, February 4 at 6:00 PM sharp and The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery in Hampton. Additional sponsorship makes this event possible from Live Nation/Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, Norfolk Festevents, Southern Bank, and The Vanguard/Spacemakers. 

Album of the Year

Roberta Lea, “Too Much of a Woman”

Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos, “Cheat The Devil”

Jae Sinnett’s Zero to 60 Quartet, “Commitment” 

tyler donavan, “Gasping4air” 

Richard David Spano & Jim Bulleit, “In The Shadow of Cupid’s Arrow” 

Berries, “To Autumn (Moon)”

Wilke$, “12:34 Lux”

Demons, “Under the Western Heel”

Jarrett Beeler, “Anxiety City”

Kevin Wade Turner, “Mexican Waltzes & Random Fusion”

Tret Fure, “Lavender Moonshine”

The Dual Gravitons, “The Speed of Boredom” 

Luca Burgalassi, “Back To The Roots”

Mark Dunn, “Top Gear”

Esbern Snare, “Does It Feel Like I’m Not There?”

Quicksilver Night, “Ptichka”

The Bread Collectors, “Episode 3”

Eddie Williams, “Acceptance”


EP of the Year

Sunny Moonshine, “Mirage”

The James Henry Morgan Gang, “The James Morgan Henry Gang”

J. Simunds, “Ode To 29 Years”

Exploding Sun, “The Unreachable Star”

Sea of Souls, “Dreamland”

Raspy Soul, “Konstructed”

LILI D, “Free”

Ward’s Pocket, “Midnight in the Garden”

Turncoat Syndicate, “Lost Weekend Pt 1”

Mr. Fang & The Darktones, “Movie Monster”


Song of the Year

BJ Griffin, “It’s A New Day”

Roberta Lea, “Girl Trip”

Clementine, “Tokyo”

tyler donavan, “Take The Lead”

Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos, “Rosalita”

Ann Gray, “No Good Partier”

Cultivated Mind w/Pitmaster Q, “Honey”

Akeylah Simone, “When In Rome”

Celeste Kellogg, “Save a Dance For Me This Christmas” 

Stacie Stephens & Everafter, “Pure As Rain” 

Billy Mercury, “Friend in Me”

Step Pets, “It’s a Race!”

Shormey, “Do You? 2”

John Michael, “Letter To Pops”

Infinite Flava, “Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses”

Jared Farrell, “Circles in the Dark”

Claire Heilig, “What Do You Wear To a Breakup”

Berries, “X Marks The Spot”

La’Nique, “Embrace” 

Red Weather, “Start Again”

The Nerve Scheme, “Kicking and Screaming”

The Damnage (John Conkle & Dahna Rowe of Car 44), “Kill The Light” 

Monty Sweet, “Sweet Monty”

Sonny Strongarm, “Back Enough”

Jarrett Beeler, “Loredo”

Karl Werne, “Take Me Back” 

Berries, “The Scarecrow”

Uglyography, “Blundercheck”

Quicksilver Night, “Latibulate” 

Dharma Initiative, “Ambiendance”

Emily Fraser, “The Missing Part”

Music Video of the Year

Celeste Kellogg, “Save a Dance For Me This Christmas”

tyler donavan, “Crescendo”

Magg Dylan, “GTFO”

Sunny Moonshine, “2Tone” featuring Lex Lucent

Jarrett Beeler, “Laredo”

United Souls, “You Look Good”

Sonny Strongarm, “Live It Up”

Karl Werne, “Take Me Back” 

Sunny & Gabe, “Tropics”

The Righteous Few, “Out of the Smoke”

Roberta Lea, “Too Much of a Woman”

Quicksilver Night, “Latibulate”

La’Nique feat Raspy Soul, “It Was You” 

Uglyography, “Blundercheck”

Paul Norfleet, “The Original Man”

Red Weather, “Start Again”

Suburban Key Party, “Sticks & Stones”

Allegra DuChaine, “Drive”

Step Pets, “Shy Away”

Emily Fraser, “Controller”

The Muddy Gems, “Radio Go-Go”

Mike & Amy Aiken, “Timber She’s Hauled”

Infinite Flava, “Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses”

Skip Friel, “All My Friends” 

Michael Hensen, “Lost Again”

Tim the Wzrd, “Calypso”

Mr. Fang & The Darktones, “Green Woman From Outer Space” 


Jazz Traditional

Eddie Williams: Released the album “Acceptance”

Justin Kauflin: Released the song “Coming Home”

The Virginia Experiment: Performed at the VA Genius Jazz Festival

Jae Sinnett’s Zero to 60 Quartet: Released the album “Commitment” and a live holiday record with guest Randy Brecker

Jimmy Masters: Curated the Towne Bank Jazz Series at Sandler Center

John Toomey: Served as music director and pianist for VA Art Festival’s Attucks jazz series


Jazz Smooth

Best Kept Secret: Released the track “Da Ride”

Stephanie K Sanders: Released the album “I’m Done”

Matt Willard: Released the single “Nightcrawler” and headlined Ferguson Center

J. Staton: Featured on the cover of CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine



tyler donavan: Released the album “Gasping4air” and video of “Crescendo” 

Raspy Soul: Released the EP “Konstructed”

La’Nique: Released the single “Embrace” and a music video for “It Was You”

Billy Mercury: Released the single “Friend in Me”

Akeyla Simone: Nominated for several ISSA Awards in Atlanta and released a variety of singles

BJ Griffin: Released the single “It’s A New Day”

Wilke$: Released the album “12:34 Lux” and the single “No Friends” 

Darius Ford: Released the album “Maturity”

Infinite Flava: Release the single “Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses”

LILI D: Released the EP “Free” 

Aviana: Released an acoustic version of her single “I’m in Love”  


Hip Hop

J. Simunds: Released the 4-song EP “Ode To 29 Years”

Sonny Strongarm: Released the music video “Live It Up”

Ghetto Chris: Smithfield’s own released the album “Four Plus Four”

Chuck Black: Suffolk rapper released “Cold & Wicked” and the album “Berta’s Son”

Young Crazy: Released the EP “Stop Asking Me Questions”

Elzmoneymuzik: Released the album “Perfect Timing”



Voices of Fire feat. Pharrell: Released the song “Joy (Unspeakable)”

The New Pearly Gates: Released the single “Another Chance”

Brian Elder: Released the EP “Passenger Side”

Reformed: Released the album “Reformed 101 Live”


World Music

Mosquito Cabaret: Released the Eastern European inspired song “All Crooks Are Cousins” 

Cultivated Mind: Opened for Common Kings at The NorVa and released “Honey” w/Pitmaster Q

United Souls: Released the single “You Look Good”

Mile Hoyle: Released a 2-song CD of accordion music inspire by the French film “Amelie” 

One Culture: Released the single “Ready to Live” with Mellodose

Tidewater Pipes & Drums: Performed at Norfolk Scope as part of the Virginia International Tattoo

Tim The Wzrd: Released a music video of “Calypso” featuring 510shine, Equinox The Ubiquitous & DNA-K



Berries: Released two albums, “To Autumn (Sun)” and To Autumn (Moon)”

Step Pets: Released the singles “It’s a Race!” And “Shy Away”

Uglyography: Release a trio of albums — “Benjamin Blundercheck & The Poisoned Pawn,” “Hits & Misses,” and “Quirkadelic Radio”

Esbern Snare: Released the album “Does It Feel Like I’m Not There?”

Turnover: Released a remix of “Ain’t Love Heavy”

SICMaN of Virginia: Released the singles “Find My Way” and “Wheelin’ and Dealin’”



Ann Gray: Released the album “The Half of It” and several singles

Roberta Lea: Released the album and music video “Too Much of a Woman” 

Emily Fraser: Released the singles “The Missing Part” and “Controller”

Sunny Moonshine: Released the EP “Mirage”

Jared Farrell: Released the single “Circles in the Dark”

Shormey: Released the single “Do You? 2”

Clementine: Released the tracks “Tokyo” and “Rabbit on the Moon”

Lorraine Santalucia: Released the single “Naughty”

Allegra DuChaine: Released the song and music video “Drive” 

Nell Dare: Released several singles including “Feed the Ghost”

NOclue: Released the EP “Oxford Circle Redux”



As The World Burns: Released the song “Realized”

The New Mutiny: Released several singles including “Night Nurse” and “A Cure for Hemophilia”

Chad Bailey: Released the EP “Hymns of the Wandering Soul”

Wilder Graves & The Crypts: Released the EP “Angel of Death”

SiNN: Released the EP “Excessively Insufficient” and the single “Welcome (Our Roght)

Ursus Maximus: The Norfolk death metal group released the 3-song EP “The Apex Shredator”

Hostile Winthin: Opened for Saliva

Magg Dylan: Released the song and video “GTFO” and opened for Saliva  



Exploding Sun: Released the EP “The Unreachable Star”

Dharma Initiative: Released the song “Ambiendance”

Turncoat Syndicate: Released the EP “Lost Weekend Pt 1”

Jarrett Beeler: Released the album “Anxiety City” 

Kevin Wade Turner: Released the album “Mexican Waltzes & Random Fusion”

Sea of Souls: Released the EP “Dreamland”

John Michael: Released the single “Letter To Pops”

Ever After: Released the single “Pure As Rain”

Allen Hudson and the Halfmoons: Released the single “Indigo” 

The Righteous Few: Released the single and music video “Out of the Smoke”

Joe Heilman: Released the EP “Magic Beans”

Laurel Wilson: Released the single “Nicotine”

Breaker Boy: A side project of Johnny Smallwood and Roddy Lane, they released the single “The Siren”

Skip Friel: Released the single “All My Friends”


Classic Rock

Ward’s Pocket: Released the EP “Midnight in the Garden”

The James Henry Morgan Gang: Released a self-titled 5-song EP

Quicksilver Night: Released the album “Ptichka”

Mark Dunn: Released the guitar-driver album “Top Gear”

Jolly Roger Duo: Released a series of single including “Take You Down” and “Vampire Girl”

Jim Bulleit: Released the album “Windows” and single “Angel’s Lament”

Richard David Spano & Jim Bulleit: Released the album “In The Shadow of Cupid’s Arrow”

Crimson Decree: Released the single “Dreams” 

Roy Ira Moats and the Moats Dogs: Released the single “The Uninvited Mourner”

Richard David Spano: Released the single “Island of Dreams”



Lucky 757: Released the single “Pink & Black” with “How Could It Be” on the flip-side

Mr. Fang & The Darktones: Released the EP “Movie Monster” 

The Futuros: Released a series of singles including “”Little Green Man” 

The Muddy Gems: Release the 3-song EP “Kitchen Sink”



The Dual Gravitons: Released the album “The Speed of Boredom”

Red Weather: Released several singles including “Fake Friends” and “Start Again”

Demons: Released the album “Under the Western Heel” 

ALPHA: Released the single “On The Night of Halloween”

Jon Shuemaker: Prolific songwriter released the edgy “Living in Slow-Mo”

Starving Artists: Remastered and digitally re-released “Acid Rain” from some 40 years ago 



The Bread Collectors: Released the albums “Episode 3” and “Episode 2”

Zach Chernitzer: Released the album “Anodyne” and numerous singles

Snake Mountain Revival: Released the single “Or Look The Other Way” and “The Verge”

NB/CB: Released the song and music video “The Message” 



Karacell: Performed at the Ambient Music Showcase at The Z

Jon Shuemaker: Released a series of experimental singles including “Inner Worlds”

Crash Mosaic: Made his live debut at the Ambient Music Showcase

BK Stank: Released the album “Synthesis”

Mister Lo Figh: Released the EP “Rain Drop Blues”

From Overseas: Performed at the Ambient Music Showcase and co-released “Live At The Gothic Chapel”



Celeste Kellogg: Released the single “Like That” and “Save a Dance For Me This Christmas” 

Patrick Luley: Released the EP “Letters to Heaven”

Claire Heilig: Released the single “What Do You Wear to a Breakup” and appeared on NBC’s “The Voice”

Buck Shot: Headlined at Elevation 27

Daniel Jordan Band: Released the single “One More”



Ron Fetner: Released the album “Down a Gravel Road”

The Storyweavers: Released the song “Call It A Lie”

Tina Micula: Released the single “Just 3 Words”

Devil Scott: Released the EP “Short Stack” and several singles including “A Drunkard’s Prayer to No One”

Tret Fure: Released the album “Lavender Moonshine”

Dustin Furlow: Released the album “Serene”

Paul Norfleet: Released a music video for “The Original Man”

Jennifer Gammill: Released the song “I Wish”

Mike & Amy Aiken: Released two music videos including “Timber She’s Hauled”

Ben Phelps: Released 3 singles including “Something to Hold”

Rob Oliver: Released the singles “Bliss” and “What Will Be Will Be”

Bobby Black Hat Walters & Larry Berwald: Release the single “Mary Did You Know”

Karl Werne: Release a music video for “Take Me Back” 

Chelsea Hanson: Released the single “I Do”

Mark Rogers: Opened on the road for John Ford Coley at Rams Head Onstage 



Bobby Black Hat Walters: Nominated for 5 ISSA Awards in Atlanta and released several singles

Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos: Released the album “Cheat The Devil” and toured nationally

JD3 Band: Released the singles “The River” and “Over the Line”

Luca Burgalassi: Released the album “Back to the Roots”

Monty Sweet: Released the singles “Sweet Monty” and “Heaven”


Cover Band

Soft Plan Band

The Chong Band

Trevor Daniel & The Reef


Childz Play

Romonta & Friends

TA Gatling & The Guns

JD Silvia Band

Gina Payne & The Step Up Connection

Hot Cakes

Rocky 7


Thru with Therapy

Michael Clark Band


Vinyl Headlights

The Detonators

Moaning Lisas 

The Band Vontrelle 

Free For All

Better By Tuesday

The Janitors

Tailgate Down


Tribute/Themed Band

Midnight Rain (Taylor Swift Tribute)

Wilder Horses (Rolling Stones Tribute)

Evil Woman: The American ELO

Barry Manilow’s Wardrobe

Nashville Nights Band

The Deloreans

Nature’s Child

The Champagne Band


Last Fair Deal

Good Shot Judy

Glasgow Kiss

Radio 80s


Grateful Jed


Cover Solo/Duo

Bryan Dunn

Mike Gombas

Lewis McGehee


Steve Forss

Karl Werne

Dakota & Jasper Smith 

Red Stapler Duo

Matt Thomas

The Blue Mile

Mike Proffitt

Troy Breslow

Wine Dark Sea

Dan Pellegrino

Nate Sacks

Derek Smith

Felicia Hoyos 

Jason Cale


Live Band 

BJ Griffin: Performed on America’s Got Talent, opened for Macy Gray at The NorVa, toured in Europe. 

Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos: Toured with Tab Benoit. Opened for Ace Frehley and Humble Pie. 

Demons: Headlined at The NorVa

Good Shot Judy: Toured the US and sold-out 4 consecutive nights at Kimball Theater with its holiday show.

Claire Heilig: Performed on NBC’s The Voice

Roberta Lea: Traveled with Black Ol’ Opry Tour 

Celeste Kellogg: Performed at the Patriotic Festival, Richmond Raceway, Martinsville Raceway, and other big events

Mark Dunn: Opened for Zebra and Skunk Baxter

Brasswind: Performed the hits of Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire with Symphonicity at Sandler Center

The Fuzz Band: Opened with smooth jazz players Paul Taylor and Jackiem Joyner at The Attucks 

Rocky 7: Opened for Living Colour at New Realm

Buck Shot: Headlined at Elevation 27

Jae Sinnett’s Zero to 60 Quartet


Open Mic

Hilton Tavern

CIPHER Tuesdays @ Noir


Big Pink/Victorian Station

Sunset Grill

Jazz Jam @ The Roads Bistro 

Elation Brewing

The Venue on 35th

Creek Bar

Fisher’s Neighborhood Kitchen

Abbey Road



Live Music Venue (Bar)

Taphouse Grill


Brothers Norfolk

The Roads Bistro


South Beach Grill

Creek Bar

Scandals Live


Jerry’s IR

Rivers Casino

Old Beach Tavern

The Famous Venue

Riffhouse Pub

Calypso Bar & Grill

Cafe Stella


Big Woody’s Chesapeake Square


Live Music Venue (Brewery)

The Bunker by Young Veterans

Elation Brewing

Smartmouth NFK Warehouse

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery

Big Ugly Brewing

New Realm Brewing Company

Billsburg Brewing

Smartmouth Pilot House

Afterglow Brewing

MoMac Brewing

Alewerks Brewing Co


Live Music Series

The Bobby Black Hat Series at Ferguson Center

Live on Atlantic

Towne Bank Jazz Series @ Sandler Center

Out of the Box Series at Sandler Center

Acoustic Carnival @ The Coffee Shoppe

YNOT Wednesdays

Sunsets on the River @ Hermitage Museum

Live On the Lawn @ Taste

Sunset Thursdays @ The Pavilion

Hampton Block Party

Suffolk TGIF Concert Series

Port Warwick Summer Concert Series

Summer Music Series @ New Realm Brewing Company  


Music Event

LAVA Halloween Extravaganza

Myra Smith & Friends Christmas Show & Toy Drive

Noel: Good Shot Judy at Kimball Theater

NorFOLK Fest

Hampton Holiday Universe

Smartmouth Pressed Fest

Vaughn But Not Forgotten

Michael Goldberg & Friends w/Teddy Jack


Veterans Band Aid Music Festival

Downtown Hampton’s All Day Reggae

Fair Trade Festival @ Elation

Neptune Festival

Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival

Harborfest Boathouse Experience

Ambient Music Festival @ The Z


Live Sound Tech

Rome Gehrig

Jim Palacio

Ian Janes

Michael “Rocky” Graziano

Fraraji Jackson

Shannon Leggette

Daniel Aguiar

Brian Boozer Jahboo

Vincent James

Vincent Wynn

Xavier Pun Parker 

Jack Gallagher

Richard Spano

Jake Ryan

Carter White


Live Lighting Tech

LiNk Terry 

Chris White

Todd Cooke

Jim Palacio

Rome Gehrig

Fraraji Jackson

Steve Kudlz Hathaway

Matthew Cockrill 

Ian Janes


Photography Posed

Will Clarke: “Turncoat Syndicate”

Pete Federico: “Anthony Rosano and The Conqueroos”

Robert Peck: “WOAH”

Michael Spencer: “Eight Inner Gates”

Wendy Woodell: “Barry Manilow’s Wardrobe” 

Summer Lee: “Eight Inner Gates”

Jaybird: “Bloom DJ”

George Everett: “The Storyweavers”

Michael Iwanoski: “EverAfter”


Photography Live

Robert Peck: “Curtis Cowles and Brad Garrett from Buckshot performing at New Realm in Virginia Beach”

Jaybird: “The Lazy Dangers at Chicho’s Backstage”

Pete Federico: “Jason Cale at Old Beach Tavern”

Wendy Woodell: “The Daniel Jordan Band at The Vanguard” 

Summer Lee: “Crazy Daze”

Kimberly Granger: “Edward Williams of The Jason Cale Band”

Michael Spencer: “Danica Delorean with Krunch”

Alex Ray: “Pretty Loko & Shuntell Diverse”

Dave Taylor: “Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos at 17th Street Stage”

Greg Hardison: “Buckshot VB band members, Nick Thomas and Dan Johnson performing live on stage during the Veterans Band Aid Music Festival 2023” 

Michael Iwanoski: “Anthony Rosano”

George Everett: “Lewis and Kayce”

George Marsh: “David Morgan with RIOTT taken June 25, 2023 @ Revolution Golf & Grille in Williamsburg”