Below are the 2024 Veer Music Awards nominees for Music Video of the Year

Celeste Kellogg, “Save a Dance For Me This Christmas”


tyler donavan, “Crescendo”


Magg Dylan, “GTFO”


Sunny Moonshine, “2Tone” featuring Lex Lucent


Jarrett Beeler, “Laredo”


United Souls, “You Look Good”


Sonny Strongarm, “Live It Up”


Karl Werne, “Take Me Back” 


Sunny & Gabe, “Tropics”


The Righteous Few, “Out of the Smoke”


Roberta Lea, “Too Much of a Woman”


La’Nique feat Raspy Soul “It Was You”


Quicksilver Night, “Latibulate” 


Uglyography, “Blundercheck”


Paul Norfleet, “The Original Man”


Red Weather, “Start Again”


Suburban Key Party, “Sticks & Stones”


Allegra DuChaine, “Drive”


Step Pets, “Shy Away”


Emily Fraser, “Controller”


The Muddy Gems, “Radio Go-Go”


Mike & Amy Aiken, “Timber She’s Hauled”


Infinite Flava, “Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses”


Skip Friel, “All My Friends”


Michael Hensen, “Lost Again”


Tim the Wzrd, “Calypso”


Mr. Fang & The Darktones, “Green Woman From Outer Space”