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North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law is a Cautionary Tale for Virginia Republicans

By Michael Hamar   As a former Republican Party city committee member, I continue to be dumbfounded by the apparent swamp fever that has over taken the Republican Party at both the state and national levels.  At the national level we see GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz surrounding himself with a veritable who’s who of

LGBT Rights and Lives – A Perennial Political Football

By Michael Hamar   The Virginia General Assembly convened on January 13, and once again the rights and lives of LGBT Virginians will be the targets of the gay-haters in the Virginia Republican Party whose efforts at self-prostitution to Christofascists – the term I assign to “conservative Christians” who seek to impose their religious beliefs

“Do I Sound Gay”: Vestigages of Internalized Homophobia

By Michael Hamar   Growing up, especially during one’s teen years can be difficult for many of us.  But growing up gay and often striving to fool both one’s self and everyone else about one’s sexual orientation takes matters to a whole new realm.  Particularly, if one feels an added urgency to hide one’s true

A United Hampton Roads Would be the 5th Largest City in America

By Michael Hamar Recently, I have attended two LGBT organization events that started me thinking on the divergence in thinking between these organizations and our local cities, tourism bureaus and arts organizations.  One event was the launch for 2015 PrideFest – the actual PrideFest event will be on June 27, 2015 – and the other

Vote to Move Virginia Forward in November

By Michael Hamar   For non-political junkies (for the record I will admit that I am a political junkie!), living in Virginia can be exhausting given its off year state elections which result in Virginians undergoing political campaign overload literally every year.  But every year’s election cycle does matter and the outcome can have a

The Plight Faced by Many LGBT Seniors

By Michael Hamar   The record breaking crowd at this year’s Hampton Roads Pride Fest was a wonder to see and, hopefully, it suggests that local LGBT individuals, couples and families are at last finding the courage and self-confidence to live their lives authentically.  That said, I was amazed at the huge numbers of people

The Power of Being “Out” and Creating Change

By Michael Hamar On August 23, Hampton Roads Pride will present its 26th Annual Pride Fest in Town Point Park on the downtown Norfolk waterfront.  Not that many years ago, Pride Fest was relegated to a small area in an obscure back area of Lakewood Park.  That was the location of the first Pride Fest

The Transgendered – The “Religious Right’s New Favorite Target

By Mike Hamar   Last month President Obama indicated that he intends to sign an executive order barring employment discrimination by government contractors in light of the Republican controlled House of Representatives’ obstruction of any considerate of the version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“ENDA”) already passed by the U.S. Senate.  At the Democrat National