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VEER’s 2017 Golden Tap Local Beer Awards

VEER’s 2017 Golden Tap Local Beer Awards

The Vanguard presents VEER’s 2017 Golden Tap Local Beer Awards Sponsored by City of Norfolk Department of Economic Development, Cavalier Land, and Draft Services of Virginia. The nominees are below. Use inside right scroll bar to go through each category. Vote for one nominee per category. (Worth mentioning: votes cast from duplicate IP addresses are

VEER’s 2016 Golden Tap Award Nominees

Welcome to the VEER Magazine 2016 Golden Tap Awards Poll. The awards are presented by Southern Bank and sponsored by SpaceMakers, Norfolk Department of Economic & Development, Kaufman & Canoles, Cavalier Land, and App-a-Cab. Please VOTE for ONE selection per category. There are 46 total. Use the inside right-hand scroll bar to go through all

This Week’s Top 5 Things to Do (April 6-10)

(Members of the Birmingham Royal Ballet are among the all-star cast of dancers) 1  Spring Dance Gala Virginia Arts Festival April 9-10 Chrysler Hall www.vafest.com Since its inception, Virginia Arts Festival has worked to bring exciting performances from the world’s most renowned ballet and modern dance companies—companies that dance lovers would ordinarily have to travel


1 Saturday Night Live @ Colley Cantina The Shifty South Saturday, March 26 Colley Cantina, 10 PM VEER Magazine’s presents local alt-country band The Shifty South in an up-close appearance at Colley Cantina in Norfolk.     2 American Shakespeare Center: Julius Ceaser March 26 American Theatre www.hamptonarts.net In this profoundly moving, thrilling, and deeply

VEER’s 2015 Golden Tap Award Nominees

In the voting window below, please select ONE per category. Remember to scroll through all 46 categories, use the scroll bar on the RIGHT of the voting window. If you are unable to see the voting window, simply click here and it will take you to the survey as well. We will present gold, silver and