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21st Century Ironclad

21st Century Ironclad

By Jim Roberts Owen and Kara King delivered the first 60 cases of Ironclad Distillery Co.’s small-batch bourbon to Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in October. “As we unloaded it and took it in to their big warehouse, we’re both getting misty-eyed,” Owen said during a recent tour of the family’s Newport News-based distillery.

Copper Fox Distillery Expands To Williamsburg

By Jim Roberts Aside from the pleasing assonance of the name “Copper Fox,” the Sperryville-based distillery draws its name from the metal its stills are made of and the fact that it was founded in the heart of the commonwealth’s fox-hunting region. “Foxes are pretty smart,” founder Rick Wasmund said during a recent interview with