We are delighted to announce the nominees for the 2023 Veer Music Awards (see below).

Online voting will begin this weekend at veermag.com 

Each category will have a write-in option as it is inevitable some talented musician/band who released an album, EP, single or music video in 2022 was overlooked. 

Stay tuned for more info. Congrats to all nominees and good luck in the voting.

Album of the Year

Freedom Hawk, “Take All You Can”

Jason Cale Band, “Louisiana Moon” 

Jae Sinnett’s Zero to 60 Quartet w/Symphonicity, “Live at the Sandler Center”

Turnover, “Myself In The Way”

JonQuan & Associates, “Easy Star Presents”

Suburban Key Party, “Darkness and Rainbows”

Cody Christian, “Canary in a Coalmine”

The Hookz, “Motor Hotel”

Liz Terrell, “It’s All Right with Me”

Paul Urban & Friends, “Silver Wings”

Rosebird, “Rosebird”

Jarrett Beeler, “The Easy Way”

Pet Name, “Lovebug”

Wyatt Baldwin, “The Rhythm of Our Tides”

Pet Name, “Lovebug”


EP of the Year

Akeylah Simone, “Akeylah Simone” 

Community Witch, “I Won’t Wait”

Wilde Owl, “That Gasoline”

Demons, “Swallow”

Jennifer Gammill, “Insatiable” 

The Warm Hug, “Premature Emasculation”

Jonah Ross, “These Days”

The JD3 Band, “Homestead”

Troy Breslow, “Pandemic Blues”

The Duel Gravitons, “It’s a Riddle”


Song of the Year

Cody Christian, “Canary in a Coalmine”

Jared Farrell, “California Smile”

Roberta Lea feat. Bobby Black Hat Walters, “Leave It Open”

Kristi K feat. Noah Motion, “Leaving Again”

Darius Ford, “Bear with Me”

Bennett Walker Wales, “Fly”

Chong Band, “Cherry Blossoms”

Sherri Lynn, “Bonnie Mae”

Jonah Ross, “Close To Me”

Koren Grace, “Focus (Crazy Over U)”

Ann Gray, “Teenage Rebel”

Suburban Key Party, “Funhouse”

Jennifer Gammill, “Las Vegas Queen” 

Jarrett Beeler, “The Easy Way”

Chuck Black, “Trench Talk”

Jim Bulleit, “Bloody Hands”

Lucky 757, “Let’s Get Ready”

Rob Oliver, “Tennessee” 

The Hookz, “Daisy”

Rosebird, “Father Time”

Wyatt Baldwin, “Opposition”

The Daniel Jordan Band, “Raised in Carolina”

The Secret Ingredients, “Rockstar Baby”


Music Video of the Year

CXDIE, “Trauma”

Roberta Lea, “Ghetto Country Streets”

Jonah’s Run, “Until You Treat Me Right”

Chuck Black, “Trench Talk”

Magg Dylan, “Lost My Zen” 

8th City featuring Bread Junkie & Ghetto Chris, “Motion”

Krist K, “Born to Run” 

Lucky 757, “Let’s Get Ready”

Wilde Owl, “Unkempt”

Hostile Within, “Wake Up”

Step Pets, “Shy Away”

Liz Terrell, “What The World Needs Now”

Shane Graham, “Photo Album”

The Nerve Scheme, “Kicking and Screaming” 

Esbern Snare, “Most of You”

Kim Person, “In the Land of the Buffalo”

Big Al Staggs, “Dummy Ate A Gummy”


Jazz Traditional

Liz Terrell: Released the album “It’s All Right with Me”

Chris Brydge: Released the albums “Bypass” and “Sun Song”

Jimmy Masters: Programmed and performed the Sandler Center’s Miller Jazz Series

Jae Sinnett: Backed by his Zero to 60 Quartet and Symphonicity, Sinnett released “Live at the Sandler Center” and performed with several national artists

John Toomey Trio: Served as the backing group for naturally touring headliners presented by Virginia Arts Festival

Liz & Brydge: Released the album “The Beginning Sessions”


Jazz Smooth

Infinite Flava: Release the single “Get After It”

J Staton: Released the single “Kickin’ It”  

Harold Christian: Released the EP “Sax-Sational”

Matt Willard: Released the album “Soul Assassin” and headlined at Ferguson Center

Duane Smith Quartet: As Brothers Norfolk’s house band, Smith and Company backed all the national acts performing at the jazz club



Akeylah Simone: Released a self-titled EP and the singles “Silver Lining” and “Rhyme With Me”

The Fuzz Band: Opened for several national acts in 2022

Darius Ford: Released the Quiet Storm-esque “Reckless” and “Hands Hi”

Koren Grace: Released the tune “Focus (Crazy Over U)” and “I Don’t Mind”

Talton Toneful Manning: Before moving to RVA in October, the saxophonist/songwriter released a music video and song featuring Symone Seay called “Black Lives Matter”


Hip Hop

J2 Tha Craftsman (AKA Jimmy Outlaw): Released the music video “BURY PT. 2”

Pound Andretti: Released the EP “Pound For Pound”

Queen St Dutch: Released “Back From The Feds” and “Nothing You Can’t Tell Me”

Chuck Black: Released the music videos “Trench Talk” and “This Is Not Rap 2”

Teezy So Dope: Released the video “Purple Pen”

8th City featuring Ghetto Chris: Released the videos “Casket,” “Motion,” and Ballin Is a Habit”

Ski: Released the album “The Soul of Ghostface”

CXDIE: released the music video “Trauma” 



Jonah’s Run: Released the music video “Until You Treat Me Right”

God’s Chozen: Released “Farther Along”

ReFormed: Released “You Changed Me” in November


World Music

United Souls: Released the single “The Herbs”

JonQuan & Associates: Released a 19-song album featuring the likes of Easy D and Sammy Dread

Ganjacat: Released the single “Through the Ceiling” on 4/20 

One Culture: Released the album “Forward, Always”

Cultivated Mind: Released the single “Catch That Feelin’”

Mosquito Cabaret: Released the single “Showbiz Fiasco”

Rhythm Project: Headlined a performance as part of Virginia Arts Festival

Miles Hoyle: Released the accordion-featured singles “Of Cities Dreamt” and “Absolutely Charming”  



Attenuator: Released several singles including “I See You” and “Suffering”

Wyatt Baldwin: Released the album “The Rhythm of Our Tides”

Secret Ingredients: Released the album “Too Pretty For Prison” 

Esbern Snare: Released the singles “Kicking the Cold Out” and “Most of You”

Rickshaw Derby: Released the singles “Kids Like Us” and “Ebike Tour of Paris”

Jonah Ross: Released the EP “These Days”

The Futuros: Released the single “She Don’t Like It”

Suburban Key Party: Released the album “Darkness and Rainbows”

Optimistic Cynics: Released the album “Drive Across America”

Pet Name: Released the album “Lovebug”

The Lifehacks: Released the EP “Cut The Leash”



Roberta Lea: Performed on the Kelly Clarkson Show and released several singles

Jared Farrell: Released the single “California Smile”

Ann Gray: Released a series of singles including “Teenage Rebel” and “Rich Girl”

Darius Ford: Released the single “Bear With Me”

Chong Band: Released the single “Cherry Blossoms”

Kristi K: Released several singles including “Leaving Again”

Turnover: Released the album “Myself in the Way” and headlined The NorVa

Jennifer Gammill: Released the EP “Insatiable” 



Magg Dylan: released several music videos and played the Lunatic Luau at the VA Beach Amphitheater

The New Mutiny: Released the single “Patron Saint of Rats”

Hostile Within: Release a music video for “Wake Up”

Babylon Rising: Released the single “COR”

Embrace The Oblivion: Opened for Waking Tera at Scandals

One Shot Fired: Performed at FM99’s Lunatic Luau

Baltimore Steam Gun: Released the metal-meets-punk EP “M-1”



Freedom Hawk: Released the album “Take All You Can”

The Hookz: Released the album “Motor Hotel”

Southern Snake Church: Released the album “Git Bit”

Everafter: Released the single “Two Miles High”

Bennett Walker Wales: Released numerous singles including “Green” and “Fly”

The Righteous Few: Released the song “Shotgun Honey”

Big Al Staggs: Released the single “Dummy Ate My Gummy” and a pair of albums 

Wilde Owl: Released the EP “That Gasoline”

Breaker Boy: Released several songs including “Pour Me Out” and “Leo Rising”

Allen Hudson & The Halfmoons: Released the singles “Car” and “Summer Lovers”

Exploding Sun: Released the single “You Know You Can”

Rosebird: Released their self-titled album 

Jarrett Beeler: Released the album “The Easy Way”

Same Time Tomorrow: Dropped the song “Fractions”



Lucky 757: Released the single “Let’s Get Ready” in 1950s rockabilly style

Jim Bulleit: Released the 1960s stylized “Bloody Hands”

Jim Newsom: Released an LP’s worth of cover tunes called “Groovy Town”

Mr. Fang and the Darktones: Released the EP “Rock-n-Roll Monsters” 


Indie Alternative

Community Witch: Released 4 tunes including “Drive” and “Body”

Ladada: Released the singles “Sea of Trust” and “I Saw Glass”

The Warm Hug: Released the EP “Premature Emasculation”

Reptile Tile: Released the album “Bird Upon a Wire” 

Lori Creek: Released a unique version of the song “The Guns of Brixton”

Berries: Released the song “Deep Down Under”

Step Pets: Released the video “Shy Away” as part of the Tiny Desk #2 series

Longsleeves: Released the song “3:45”

Tornado Bait: Opened for Southern Culture on the Skids at Elevation 27

Jon Shuemaker: Released numerous recordings including “Beyond Belief” and “Something Else From Somewhere Else”



The Duel Gravitons: Released two EPs and a single

The Nerve Scheme: Released the video “Kicking & Screaming”

Alpha: Released the album “White Home Suburbia” and opened for The Casualties 

Demons: Released the EP “Swallow” 

Old Scars: Released the EP “Patterns of Regret”

Spirit Gun: Released the EP “The Antonym”



That Which Sleeps: Released a self-titled EP

Bended Light: Released the album “It’s The Love”

The Bread Collectors: Released the album “Episode 1”



Hindu Pez: Released the EP “Flee The Scene”

From Overseas: Released the album “Misty Memories” with City of Dawn

Crash Mosaic: Released the track “Peekaboo”

Bishop Grisha: Released the whimsical album “Gilly Gilfin’s Ostensible Odyssey”

Karacell: Performed new score to accompany the 1922 silent horror flick “Haxan” at The Naro

Ransack: Released the songs “The Mirror” and “The Cadaver Ball” 



Magic Holler Boys: Released several singles including “Sunny at Midnight”

Ramblin’ Jake: In May, his song “Crooked River,” collaborated with Ray Bruce, reached #1 in Eastern & Central U.S. regions on NMW AM/FM Country Charts. 



Sherri Linn: Released several singles including “Bonnie Mae” and “Grains of Sand”

Celeste Kellogg: Released the single “Speed” and performed at the Patriotic Music Festival

Cody Christian: Released the album “Canary in a Coalmine”

Tracie Lynn: Performed at Scope during Patriotic Music Festival and Nashfest

Runnin’ Shine: Opened for Cowboy Mouth

Rob Oliver: Released the single “Tennessee”

The Daniel Jordan Band: Released the song “Raised in Carolina”

The Dudeman: Released the music video for “A Cowboy’s Dream”



Don Comer: Released the album “Lift”

TA Gatling: Won Zeiders’ Proteus Music Contest event in December

Dakota Smith: Released her 5-song debut EP in November

Dustin Furlow: Released the track “The Curtain and the Wind”

Mike & Amy Aiken: Released the singles “Penelope” and “Real Mean Dog”

Richard David Spano: Released the songs “Shenandoah With You” and “19 Candles”

Dry Land: Released the album “Night Watch”

Skye Zentz: Released the song “You Find The Way” and EP titled “The FAWM EP 2022”

Troy Breslow: Released the EP “Pandemic Blues”

Dan Pellegrino: Released the singles “Much Love” and “Down & Out”

Kim Person, Released the song and video “In the Land of the Buffalo”

Annie Johnson: Released the song “My Beautiful Day”

Ron Fetner: Released the song “Crossed The Scarecrow”

Faithful Kate: Released the track “High in Monterey”

The Muddy Gems: Released the album “Trouble Boy”

Roy Ira Moats & The Moats Dogs: Released the track “Me This Year”

Jim Bulleit: Released numerous songs including “Better Than We Are” and  “The Waiting Game”



Paul Urban & Friends: Released the album “Silver Wings”

The Jason Cale Band: Released the album “Louisiana Moon”

JD3 Band: Released the EP “Homestead”

Tina Micula: Released the song “Dr. Doom”

Bobby Black Hat Walters: Released several current events singles including “Blues for Ukraine”


Cover Band


Michael Clark Band

Tailgate Down

JD Silvia Band

The Jailtones

Rocky 7

Plastic Eddie



Free For All

The Detonators 



The Wampler Brothers


Themed/Tribute Band

Last Fair Deal

Wilder Horses

The Champagne Band

Nashville Nights

The Deloreans


Nature’s Child 



Good Shot Judy


Live Band 

Magg Dylan: Played the Lunatic Luau at the VA Beach Amphitheater

Celeste Kellogg: Performed at Patriotic Festival, Daytona & Richmond Speedways, and more

Community Witch: Opened for Silversun Pickups at The NorVa

Jae Sinnett: Headlined at Sandler Center and Virginia Arts Festival

Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos: Opened for Blackberry Smoke at The NorVa

Demons: Opened for Rise Against at The NorVa

The Fuzz Band: Opened for several national acts

Allen Hudson & The Halfmoons: Opened for Spin Doctors

Mr. Fang and the Darktones: Ghoulish and fun 

Runnin’ Shine: Opened for Cowboy Mouth

Michael Goldberg & Friends: The all-star group performed several shows with national featured guests 


Live Cover Solo/Duo

Mike Gombas

BJ Griffin

Serious Black

Rosewood Hollow

Karl Werne

Red Stapler Duo


Lewis McGehee

Doyle & Dunn


Open Mic 

Winston’s Cafe


Victorian Station

Abbey Road


South Beach Grill

Tap It Local

CIPHER @ Venue on 35th


Live Music Venue (Bar)

Scandal’s Live


Taphouse Ghent

The Riffhouse


Old Beach Tavern

Chicho’s Backstage Cafe

615 Bar & Grill

Roger Brown’s

Big Woody’s Great Bridge


Live Music Venue (Brewery)

Smartmouth NFK

New Realm Brewing Co.

Young Veteran’s The Bunker 

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery

Big Ugly Brewing Co.

Billsburg Brewing Co.

Elation Brewing

O’Connor Brewing Co.

Maker’s Craft Brewery


Live Music Series (Local)

YNOT Wednesdays

Sunset Thursdays (Portsmouth)

Downtown Hampton Live

MMiller Jazz Series @ Sandler Center

Summer Breeze Series (Williamsburg)

New Realm Music on the Lawn Series

Sunsets on the River @ The Hermitage

Suffolk TGIF @ Bennett’s Creek Park

Out of the Box @ Sandler Center


Photography: Posed

Annette Holloway, “CXDIE”

Pete Federico, “Anthony Rosano & The Conqueroos”

Michael Iwanoski, “Jason Cale”

Diego Gomes, “Red Stapler”

Janice Chandler, “Nashville Nights”

Sean Chagnon, “Ben Joe Brown”

Greg Bumgardner, “The Futuros”

Cathy Hopkins, “Thru with Therapy” 


Photography: Live

Diego Gomes, “Melanie DeLorian at Scandals Live”

Glenn Woodell, “Jacob Vanko”

George Everett, “Jason Cale”

Annette Holloway, “Magg Dylan at FM99’s Lunatic Luau”

Wendy Woodell, “Hostile Within at Scandals”

George Marsh, “Good Shot Judy”


Industry Award

Annette Clark: Received the Manager of the Year Award from 8th Annual S&M Gospel Indie Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

Big Al Staggs

Antic Hay

Musician’s Musician Award

Chidori Matsumoto