The Jae Sinnett Trio

“Altered Egos”

(J-Nett Music)

Jazzman Jae Sinnett has a new studio recording, suburban home, and culinary video show. All are relevant here as Sinnett’s trio brings the house on “Altered Egos,” a 10-song album that’s absolutely cooking. 

Throughout, Sinnett (drums), Terry Burrell (bass), and Allen Farnham (piano) are on top of their game as the production of this recording is a true spotlight on each shining instrumentalist. The sound is upfront, on the attack and with all the energy of a live performance. 

Jae Sinnett Trio opens its set with a swingin’ arrangement of “The In Crowd,” a pop single penned by Billy Page that became a hit for Dobie Gray in 1964.  

Sinnett takes somewhat of a backseat on the composition front, choosing to focus on arranging and putting on a drum clinic as you can’t help but notice on “The In Crowd.” 

That said, Sinnett’s two compositions — “Reiterate” and “Mr. Ree” — are  full of melody and engaging chord structures. 

Pianist Allen Farnham scribes three tracks. On “Verity,” Farnham literally burns up the keyboard while providing amble space for Burrell to show his stuff.

On Cedar Walton’s “Something In Common,” Sinnett and company go for a more uptempo approach to the original as recorded by Sam Jones and Ray Brown, and improves upon it — like its on steroids. 

The Jae Sinnett Trio is keen to include its take on a few standard composers as well: John Coltrane’s often overlooked “Mr. Syms,” Irving Berlin’s “Remember” (previously recorded by many from Ella Fitzgerald to Thelonious Monk) and “Summertime” by George Gershwin. 

Here’s to cookin’ with Jae. — Jeff Maisey