Beginning May 13, Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG) will be featured on a United States Postage Forever stamp as part of the upcoming “American Gardens” series. The image from the NBG features the beautiful Bicentennial Rose Garden.

“The honor of being on a United States Postage Stamp is reserved for distinguished Americans who have left us or for notable American Institutions,“ said said Michael P. Desplaines, NBG President & CEO. “Today I’m proud that Norfolk Botanical Garden is being recognized as one of those notable American institutions. We’re so pleased to be a part of this historic moment when Gardens around the nation are being honored in such a prestigious way.

Local residents can purchase the stamps from any post office station or online via the USPS Postal Store at 

“Thank you, USPS, and thank you America for your love affair with Gardens,” said Desplaines.

Norfolk Botanical Garden is a great way to exercise in a relaxed, enchanting environment while social distancing. Family passes allowing up to six people at a time are a great deal at $100 annually for unlimited relaxation.