The following are the nominees for Music Video of the Year category for the upcoming 2020 Veer Music Awards.

Good Shot Judy, “Love”

Travelers, “Uh-Oh”

The Purge, “Rain”

Buckshot, “Freedom Ain’t Free” 

Tornado Bait, “Teacup’s Half Full” 

Carlos Armon, “Nothing” 

Heretics in the Lab, “Mouth” 

Lacree, “Fantasy”

The Muddy Gems, “Sin & Swing”

Ced Highes, “Equalize” 

Lucky 757, “Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry”

The Lifehacks, “Toothpick”

Celeste Kellogg, “There’s a Beach Somewhere”

K’Bana Blaq, “Stop Doubting”

Pain in the Yeahs, “Second Day Makeup”

The Lazy Dangers, “We Were Never Here”

Moaning Lisas, “Kick Me” 

Runnin’ Shine, “Shotgun” 

Starcoast, “La”

Snake Mountain Revival, “The Valley of Madness”

Big Al Staggs, “Been There Done That”

Suburban Key Party, “Tripping Inside My Head”

Blue Ribbon, “Respa Raider” 

“Overcomer,” Sam Rucker