(A capacity crowd at Granby Theatre in Norfolk for the Veer Music Awards. Photo by Ray White)

By Jeff Maisey

Veer Magazine presented its 8th annual Music Awards on February 12 at Granby Theater in Norfolk. 

Local bands, musicians, and industry folks in nearly 40 categories received awards. For the first time in the awards’ history no band won more than one award. Another first: a tie. Jae Sinnett’s roots-driven, bluesy “Americana Groove Project” and Turncoat Syndicate rockin’ “The Life You Wanted” each were given Album of the Year honors.   

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Combine for its nationally distributed “Norfolk, VA” album released 25 years ago on Caroline Records. The Industry Award was presented to Debra Persons for her work on the museum-like Hardcore Norfolk exhibit at Slover Library. Drummer Steve Archer received the Musician’s Musician Award this year for his years of helping students and other musicians. Archer also hit the road last summer in Sandra Bernhard’s back-up band. 

And now, here are the 2019 Veer Music Awards results…


Album of the Year (Top 10) 

1 (tie) Jae Sinnett, “The Americana Groove Project” 

1 (tie) Turncoat Syndicate, “The Life You Wanted”

3 The Chong Band, “Part 2” 

4 Buddha Council, “True Love”

5 Brian Grilli, “Deep South Symphony”

6 Freedom Hawk, “Beast Remains” 

7 Pain in the Yeahs, “Dopamine Noir” 

8 Bobby Black Hat Walters, “Put on Your Red Shoes”

9 In Layman Terms, “Strong Roots”

10 Myra Smith, “Sunday Kind of Love”


EP of the Year (Top 10) 

1 Roebuck, “Sweet Gnarly”

2 The Lifehacks, “Glad” 

3 Runnin’ Shine, “The D” 

4 Snake Mountain Revival, “Snake Mountain Revival” 

5 Demons, “Made in the USA” 

6 K’Bana Blaq, “Love Over Hate” 

7 Moaning Lisas, “Extra Cheese” 

8 Berries, “Good Things” 

9 Logan Vath, “Lost on Leaving” 

10 Starcoast, “Glow” 


Song of the Year (Top 10) 

1 “Send Me,” Every King & Commoner 

2 “The War,” Bennett Wales & The Relief 

3 “All Packed Up for the Trip,” Roy Ira Moats & The Moats Dogs 

4 “Runnin’ Shine,” Runnin’ Shine

5 “Little Miss Sunshine,” Court Street Company

6 “Log on the Fire,” Buddha Council

7 “I Still Believe,” Shelly Vonne

8 “Relax, This Won’t Hurt,” Turncoat Syndicate

9 “Old Souls,” The Chong Band

10 “Love Over Hate,” K’bana Blaq


Music Video of the Year (Top 10) 

1 Moaning Lisas, “Shelf Life Baby”


3 Ladada, “Heaven on the Rocks”

4 K’Bana Blaq, “Let Them Go” 

5 The Lonely Teardrops, “Vampire Cowboy” 

6 Buddha Council, “Log on the Fire”

7 Court Street Company, “Fall Away”

8 It’s Tha Koncept, “I Got Soul” 

9 Pain in the Yeahs, “Anyone but You” 

10 Teezy So Dope, “Happy 2 B Here”


National Touring

Last Bison


Producer of the Year   

Joe Talley



Pain in the Yeahs



Freedom Hawk



The Chong Band



Norfolk Nightmares



Snake Mountain Revival



Jennifer Gammill



The Fuzz Band


Hip Hop

Teezy So Dope



Fox & The Bear



Runnin’ Shine



Roy Ira Moats & The Moatdogs



Bobby “Black Hat” Walters



Crash Mosaic



From Overseas


Cover Band

The Deloreans


World Music

Buddha Council



The Chosen Few


Open Mic Night 

Big Woody’s w/Karl Werne


Live Performer

Bennett Wales & The Relief



DJ Bee/Fresh Radio


Media Promoting Local Music

Hampton Roads Show


Music Venue Small (Under 300)

Taphouse Grill Norfolk


Music Venue Medium (300 to 1,000)

Boathouse Live!


Music Venue Large (Non-arena, 1,000 or More) 

The NorVa


Local Music Indie Promoter

151 Productions


Outdoor Festival (inclusion of local bands)

American Music Festival


Music Series

Out of the Box @ Sandler Center


Music Instrument Retailer 

Alpha Music


Photography Posed

“K’bana Blaq” by Glenn Woodell


Photography Live

“Waxing Poetics” by Beth Austin