Lessons Learned from Independence Day: Insurgency

Lessons Learned from Independence Day: Insurgency


By John L. Horton

I just saw the newly released movie, “Independence Day: Insurgency,” this afternoon (Saturday, June 25).

Twenty years ago, July 1996, I saw the original/first “Independence Day” movie.

Although a science-fiction, action filled movie, strictly for entertainment purposes, I “learned a lesson of life” from it.

In the twenty years since the original movie, characters and subject matter have been updated: a woman U.S. president and a gay/same sex (male) couple are featured in the movie. (My, how times have changed.)

Overall the movie was enjoyable and entertaining. Its theme is one of an evil alien invasion that is, supposedly, defeated by the “human race” in an organized and concerted effort.

After viewing both movies, I thought: “All that the peoples of Earth need to bring them together is a common foe or enemy who is out to kill us all, simply because we are “humans” who inhabit Earth and they want to conquer our planet/homeland.”

Later, I got to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be neat if we looked upon poverty, oppression, racism, disease, starvation, pollution, violence, greed, illiteracy, crime, war, injustice, and all the other “negatives” of life, as the common foe or enemy out to destroy us all?  Then, we could unite, as “peoples of the planet,” and fight this “alien force/invasion” as one entity for the benefit of all humankind.

Meantime, I dare say that the “evil to mankind” has already arrived. What are we going to do about this “evil invasion”?

Are we going to allow its poisonous seeds and deadly fruits to contaminate and destroy us as good and decent peoples of the planet? Are we going to find it too much to overcome? Or, are we going to realize, as in the movie, that we, the peoples of this planet, are all in this together and it is up to us to win this ongoing battle for our survival?

As in the two “Independence Day” movies, all we need are a few “heroes” to unite and deliver us out of our “quagmire of negativity.”  With a few courageous leaders and a significant number of committed follower, we could, with a lot of hard and smart work, defeat this evil ogre and alien force which buffets us as “peoples of the planet.”

There is a powerful and “human story” to be told and learned from the “Independence Day” movies.  I pray that enough of us understand and heed their “special messages,” before it is too late for all of us.