CD Review: The Drendas

CD Review: The Drendas

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The Drendas

“Boy Trouble”

(Self Release)

In my view The Drendas are the epitome of punk rock. Here are three people – who happen to be women – that decided they wanted to play in a band; each selected an instrument and proceeded to learn how to play. That is the spirit of mid-1970s British punk rock; it represents the freedom to take-up arms – in this case guitar, bass and drums – and express outrage, angst and with attitude.

The raunchiness of The Drendas is their appeal and it is captured perfectly on the 4-song CD EP titled “Boy Trouble.”  Holly Womack’s contemptuous snarl sets the tone for the nasty garage rock grind on “Get the Hook.” No polish wanted, except for the fingernails. “Problems” is another example of raw emotion and unbridled energy.

The Drendas shift gears on the borderline pop tune “Stupid Bet,” which mimics Johnny Thunders trademark sliding bar chord guitar style ala The New York Dolls. “Bad Boy” is the most catchy track, hooking the listener with its guitar and vocal melody.  – Jeff Maisey