Drink Review Old Chub

Old Chub Nitro Scotch Ale

Oskar Blues Brewery

Admittedly, I’m a fan of nitrogen-gas, malty British-style beers. Having traveled frequently to Scotland I can’t say I’ve had a finer Scotch Ale than this new entry from Longmont, Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery. This version of Old Chub comes in a 4-pack of 16-ounce cans with one of those nitro widgets on the inside that unleashes its magic when you crack open the pop-top. Pour it into a pint glass and watch the cascading bubbles form a tan colored head reminiscent of Guinness Extra Stout. It is one strong ale (8% ABV) and has a nice, subtle peat smokiness – a nod to the scent of Scotland in winter. (Peat is used as fuel and burned in fireplaces.) Above all you will notice a fully flavorful cocoa maltiness, with just a hint of chocolate that is simply divine. Scotland in a can. Brilliant! — Jeff Maisey