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STAGE: Parchman Hour is Right on Time

STAGE: Parchman Hour is Right on Time

By Jerome Langston Oddly enough, it was a conversation on a porch in Maine, with television writer Bill Svanoe about the music of the sixties, which eventually lead Virginia native, Mike Wiley, to create The Parchman Hour: Songs and Stories of the ’61 Freedom Riders. This was back in 2009, and Mike was blown away

Virginia Opera Opens with Visually Lush, Thematically Challenging Samson & Delilah

By Montague Gammon III The incandescent fury of a seductress scorned, fueled by ethnic hate, lights up the Harrison Opera House stage when Camille Saint-Saens’ Samson and Delilah opens Virginia Opera’s 2017-18 Season. Principal Conductor & Artistic Advisor Adam Turner describes a visually lush, thematically challenging show that moves the familiar Biblical tale of Hebrew

Channeling the Music of Johnny Cash

BY JEFF MAISEY Ben Hope and Katie Barton co-star in the exciting new musical theater work “Ring of Fire,” which pays homage to the music of Johnny Cash. The production is the 2017-18 season opener for Virginia Stage Company and its new artist director, Tom Quaintance. The show runs through October 1 at the historic

REVIEW: Second to Nun is First Rate Play

By Montague Gammon III   The world premiere of the new one woman musical Second to Nun at Zeider’s American Dream Theater provides a thoroughly entertaining bit of short theater that manages the neat trick of being truly informative while remaining unfailingly entertaining and genuinely interesting. It’s a monologue with songs, delivered by the Heaven

The Seer: Wendell Berry and the Shattered Soul of Rural America

By Tench Phillips Living here in the greater Norfolk area, we are the beneficiaries of a well-organized urban society. We have cultural events, education, good health care if you can access it, infrastructure and services, and better than average employment thanks to the federally subsidized military-industrial complex. The diversity of peoples that live in our

Indigenous Earth Wisdom and Shamanic Healing

By Tench Phillips   Once upon a time–not that long ago–we were all indigenous peoples who lived intimately with nature on what was essentially a very different planet than the one we inhabit today. There were countless numbers of land and sea animals and a vast diversity of plant species. Man was self-sufficient and used

The Veneer of Civil Society and the Hidden Roots of War

By Tench Phillips How does a civilized society disintegrate into civil war and murder within a short span of time? Throughout the last century, state backed violence has been waged time and again by modern industrial societies against their own citizens. Germany’s descent into fascism is the most notorious example but there’s been many more

STAGE: Wonderful Wiz It Is

By Jerome Langston It’s quite fitting that it’s Anthony Stockard, who shows up first. The Wiz is being rehearsed at Brown Memorial Hall, on the campus of Norfolk State University, and I’m here to interview key members of the cast, along with the ambitious production’s co-directors. As Norfolk State University Theatre Company’s producing artistic director,