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Symphony Takes Flight

Symphony Takes Flight

By Montague Gammon III Virginia Symphony Orchestra’s NASA Langley Centennial celebration concerts soar from Newport News to Neptune and beyond, going galactic after a brief orchestral orbit. Of course, the race to space did not start a century ago, but it was in 1917, as World War 1 was raging, that the Langley Memorial Aeronautical

Norfolk Chamber Consort Opens 2017-18 Season with Baroque Drama

By Jeff Maisey The duels and competition of ideas among some of America’s early political leaders are famously documented in historical written accounts, but it is perhaps even more fascinating to think of composers from the Baroque period nearly impaling the other. Such is the background for Norfolk Chamber Consort’s 2017-18 season opener, “George Frederick

CONCERT PREVIEW: The Black Lillies

By Ron Wray Cruz and Sam, it felt like we could go on for hours, and we almost did. I had a great talk with these guys who are in great part the centerpiece of the salty-sweet band, The Black Lillies. They’re coming to Jim Morrison’s North Shore Point House Concert Series, in conjunction with

ALBUM REVIEWS: Galaxy Dynamite, Skip Friel, Uglyography, Astral

Uglyography “Evil Rays” (Steamy Attic Records) If the producers of the TV sitcom “Bang Bang Theory” are looking for new soundtrack material in future I’d suggest giving Newport News-based Uglyography a listen. My first impression of the quirky 18-song album is they’ve really tapped into the sounds of Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants and