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In Defense of Free and Open Society

In Defense of Free and Open Society

By Al Markowitz Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every bond you break, Every step you take, I’ll be watching you.     – The Police   I value my privacy. Trust is important to me. Having worked in Mental Health I am a strong believer in the sacredness of confidentiality. I don’t engage in

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Reaching Critical Mass

By Al Markowitz I hate summer. The torpid heat we usually suffer through for months in our area takes a heavy toll on me. This has been a much cooler summer for us than usual, even a little chilly at times. I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, while we got a break this year the unusual weather

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Military Madness is Killing Our Country

By Al Markowitz   This is a Navy Town. I was in the Navy as was my father before me. Chances are if you haven’t been in the Navy you have connections to it or to another military service. People enlist for many reasons; to get educational opportunities, to escape small towns or family, to

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Change is In the Air – Legalizing Cannabis

By Al Markowitz A few weeks ago the Virginian Pilot ran an article about a child with uncontrollable seizures. Caleb Thomas had been through the mill of medications that didn’t work. Like others with the same, or similar conditions, his symptoms are abated with the use of cannabis – in this case cannabis oil. I

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The Growing Economic Divide – Examining Root Causes

By Al Markowitz In spite of news that our economy keeps improving, times remain tough for many. In an article on the website entitled A Portrait of Poverty, Phillip Newswanger mentions “old men driving clunkers.” That’s me and right now my clunker’s driver side door only opens from the inside. With that dreaded inspection