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Winter in America: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Winter in America: Who Let the Dogs Out?

By Al Markowitz   And now it’s winter. Winter in America And all of the healers have been killed or been betrayed Yeah, but the people know, people know . . . – Gill Scott-Heron   As the days shrink into the deep darkness to come, it’s important that we take some time to examine how

Trumpism: Triumph of the Shills

By Al Markowitz Of all the things that bothered me about the recent electoral season, I found the ugly rise and empowerment of hate-groups and the neo-fascist right the most disturbing. Beyond partisan politics, it is obvious that we as a nation have a serious problem. Though I write this before the election, whatever the

Planting for a Future

By Al Markowitz In my last article on the state of our worsening climate reality – a subject not given nearly the attention needed in this election season – I focused on solutions. One of the more important solutions I wrote about is Permaculture farming as a way to re-sequester carbon to the soil. Given

Looking Forward: Hopes for New Norfolk Leadership

By Al Markowitz Congratulations to Kenny Alexander, our first post-Fraim elected mayor. That he is also the first black mayor in Norfolk’s 334 year history is long overdue and worth celebrating. I would like to express some hopes I and others have for the future of our city. Norfolk continues to have race-based problems with

Choosing Norfolk’s Next Mayor

By Al Markowitz On May 3, Norfolk citizens will be electing a new Mayor. Paul Fraim has led our city since he was appointed to the position by City Council in 1994. We have since moved to elected rather than appointed Mayors. Fraim has been re-elected twice by big majorities. As Mayor Fraim has decided

COMMENTARY: Hot Air Beyond the Elections

By Al Markowitz   The news has been increasingly focused on details in the run-up to our national elections with reporting more reminiscent of sports than serious politics, especially where the Republican slug-fests are concerned. These, rather than news, make good, but worrying entertainment. Of the many vitally important news items not covered in the

Getting to the Root of Radicalization

By Al Markowitz   After the mass shootings in Paris and San Bernardino there was a lot of talk in the news about “radicalization.” This idea of people being radicalized has got me thinking. We heard reports repeated ad infinitum on the news that San Berardino shooter Syed Farook and especially Tashfeen Malik had been in communication

Reconsidering the ABC

By Al Markowitz Like many of you, I have been increasingly appalled by the abuses of our state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC, especially their attempts at law enforcement at UVA. Last year armed under cover ABC agents attacked Elizabeth Daly, a twenty year old student after she and two classmates bought sparkling