ART Calendar

(Hung Yi’s “Fortune Dragon” is part of the Hermitage Museum & Gardens’ “Conversations: Contemporary Asian Art” exhibition now on view.)



“Conversations: Contemporary Asian Art”

June 14 through October 14

Hermitage Museum & Gardens

“Conversations” will feature indoor and outdoor sculpture by ten of the most recognizable and celebrated contemporary artists working today: Zhang Huan, Hung Yi, Ran Hwang, Yoshitomo Nara, Wang Guangle, Zhang Xiaogang, Kohei Nawa, Jae Yong Kim, Momoyo Torimitsu, and Kiyomi Iwata. These artists have been included in international exhibitions and have studios in New York, Tokyo, and Beijing.

“This is an incredible opportunity to view and engage with some of the biggest names in contemporary art,” said Jen Duncan, Executive Director. “We are proud to present this highly accomplished group of artists together in Norfolk for the first time.” The ten emerging, mid-career artists in ‘Conversations’ work in a diverse array of media, techniques, and styles to express their ideas, some traditional and some unexpected.

Several of the artists maintain a conscious connection to their East Asian heritage, using innovative techniques and approaches to investigate complex concepts. Their exploration of personal identity to address universal themes will grip audiences and provoke profound moments of contemplation, surprise, humor, unease, and awe. Through the international language of art, their ideas and concerns traverse geographic borders.


“Eric Carle: Moonlit Nights & Other Illustrations”

June 14 through September 8

Chrysler Museum of Art

June marks the 50th anniversary of the release of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the wildly popular picture book by Eric Carle. The beloved children’s book author and artist is famous for his representations of insects, animals and classic fables, and this exhibition features a dynamic selection of Carle’s original works.

“If you think you already know Carle’s work from his books, just wait until you see the original collages. They’re amazing.” said Seth Feman, Ph.D., the Chrysler Museum’s Curator of Photography and Curator of Exhibitions. “Carle’s stories are always touching and compelling, but the vibrant colors and layered textures of his handmade works add another dimension.”

The exhibition features more than 80 original artworks that draw from more than 30 of Carle’s books and span the artist’s distinguished picture book career. Highlights include selections from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (1969); The Grouchy Ladybug (1977); The Very Quiet Cricket (1990); Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me (1986); Draw Me a Star (1992) and The Very Lonely Firefly (1995).


“Toys As Art”

Through September 15

Peninsula Fine Arts Center

“Toys,” organized by PFAC Curator Diana Blanchard Gross, explores the work of art and toys. This exhibition celebrates the art of play from the historic to the modern.  Toys are often the focus of and the primary tools of play. More than 2,000 years ago, Plato suggested, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”



Through August 31


This duo exhibition features new works from international fluid acrylic painting artist Shay Amanda Broughton and Virginia Beach ViBe photographer Bob Petersen. BOJUart artists Broughton and Petersen explore their interpretation of our coastal waterways, and the result when those views intercross in a collaborative work of art that bridges the lines between the photographic image and the abstract application of paint. 


“Sheets: A National Exhibition of Paper Arts”

Through July 13

d’Art Center

Curated by Clay McGlamory, “Sheets” is a national juried exhibition that features paper arts. This exhibition is open to all 2D, 3D, fine art, and fine paper crafts that may also incorporate any additional medium, as long as the finished piece is composed of at least 60% in paper elements.


“Split Personalities: From Realism to Abstraction”

Through July 31

Gallery 21

The exhibition will feature the works of two award-winning Virginia-based artists, Beverly Furman and Yvonne Boone, who have each enjoyed lengthy art careers. Both artists describe themselves primarily as painters, although each has extensive experience with other art media. They have shared ties through their art careers as well as a close and supportive friendship for nearly 40 years.




Emerge|Evolve: Rising Talents in Kilnform Glass

Through July 28

Chrysler Museum of Art

EMERGE presents 10 award-winning and honorable mention works from an international juried competition organized biennially by Bullseye Glass Co. of Portland, Ore. Students, new artists and established artists who are new to the art of kiln-glass were eligible to participate. All of the artists have been working in the area of kiln-glass for less than 15 years. EVOLVE features four former EMERGE competition finalists who have continued to push the conceptual, technical and aesthetic boundaries of their own artistic practice.


“The Rest of History”

Through August 18

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

“History is written by the victors.” How often have you heard this? This quote often comes into play when talking about a history or story that seems one-sided or incomplete. There is a deep truth at the heart of this glib statement.  Those with the most power and influence have, through the centuries, written the script of who we were and, therefore, who we are. The “victors” control the documentation of history. They commission artworks and books, approve history textbooks, and choose the production of movies and television programs. This constructed history is a narrative borne from a specific viewpoint and limited by gender, ethnicity, and class. It is also what defines our values and community.  Because of this, society suffers a great loss. It’s like listening to a song with only a few notes or a symphony that uses only one type of instrument. The experience is narrow and lacks the depth.

The artists in The Rest of History desire a richer, more complex historical narrative. Each one has an artistic practice that brings to light the stories and voices of those overlooked from history. A wider perspective is rarely pretty, and questions the moral integrity of everyone involved. But, it also offers a broader range of human stories and a more complex and interesting narrative.


“New Waves 2019”

Through August 18

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art 

Virginia MOCA proudly celebrates its 24th juried exhibition, New Waves 2019. MOCA is honored to support Virginia’s contemporary artists. The Commonwealth holds a broad scope of artistic talent, only which a small portion is highlighted in this exhibition.


“Annie Layne: Brazen”

Through August 18

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art 

Annie Layne embroiders for the world in which she lives. She uses humor to approach subjects that provoke thought and discussion. At first glance, the embroidered works seem familiar and nostalgic. The more time you spend with them, the deeper your appreciation will go. Because, the women in Annie Layne’s embroidery embrace life. They are bright, colorful, and filled with joy. These women are not the ideal. They are imperfect with their moles, extra eyes, and weird facial hair, but they are fancy. A sea hag peeps out from colorful coral with ivory bubbles dancing from her lips. A bearded woman is in profile, her demeanor haughty as tropical butterflies adorn her hair. Idealized beauty does not concern them. They know their worth and so will you when you meet them.


2019 Outdoor Sculpture

Through October 6

Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center Courtyard

This multi-media exhibition featured in our historic courtyard offers sculptures in steel, cast bronze, wire, tufa, and lichens.


“Maizelle: Celebrate Me Home”

Through March 2020

Willoughby-Baylor House 

In her exhibition, “Celebrate Me Home,” Maizelle’s paintings and collages invite viewers to learn of the incredible complexity of Norfolk’s history, one that fades as generations pass but is nonetheless a critical component of understanding African American life and legacy in Hampton Roads.