By Kate Pittman

The ViBe Creative District nonprofit announced a reenvisioned partnership for programming with ViBe Story Exchange for 2020. The partnership pairs selected visual and performing artists with the written word—a true arts & humanities collaboration. Drawing inspiration from artwork or the written word, their paired counterpart will be asked to produce art work inspired by the story, or write a short story, poem or essay reflecting their interpretation of the art. The writers and artists will be featured in a 5-week ViBe Story Exchange Series beginning in May.

The theme for this year is “Alone Together.” In the midst of COVID-19, this project aims to finding connection during isolation through art and written word.

Alone Together. Calling all creatives!

Feeling ALONE? Or VERYTOGETHER with the people in your household? What does it mean to be connected? Are we all in this together?

We want to see how this unique moment in time is influencing your creativity. The Vibe Story Exchange is seeking a diverse lineup of writers and artists to explode the theme of connectivity (or lack thereof). In this re-imagined version, each pairing will share the fruits of their partnership via Zoom. The ViBe Story Exchange understands the power of many stories in helping to move toward an equitable world. We welcome applicants from all ethnicities, abilities, and ages. The public will be welcomed to watch this artistic exchange the weekly program on Thursdays from 730-9pm in May and June.

A call for submissions for local artists and writers will take place from April 13 – 24, inviting artists to share a completed drawing, painting, sculpture, video or other visual artwork or take on the challenge of creating something new inspired by a written story. Simultaneously, a call for writers will take place inviting writers to share a completed written essay, poem or song or take on the challenge of creating something new inspired by a piece of art. Art and stories will be publicly displayed and discussed via Zoom meetings hosted by Story Exchange and the ViBe District on Thursday nights from 7:30-9pm, May 11-June 12. Each week of the series will feature one artist paired with one writer. The stories will be read aloud and the artwork will be shown. A discussion and Q&A moderated by Story Exchange will follow.

To request an Artist or Writer application, email: Upon selecting artists and writers, Story Exchange will pair selected artists and writers to begin their digital collaboration. Artists and writers must commit to attending their online feature event.


April 11 – 24                                        Call for artists and writers

April 24:                                                Deadline for artists and writers to apply

April 30:                                                Selected writers and artists notified

May 14:                                                ViBe Story Exchange via Zoom*

May 21:                                                ViBe Story Exchange via Zoom*

May 28:                                               ViBe Story Exchange via Zoom*

June 4:                                                ViBe Story Exchange via Zoom*

June 11:                                                ViBe Story Exchange via Zoom*


*Artists and writers will be announced May 1, 2020 via social media for ViBe Creative District and ViBe Story Exchange. Details to join Zoom meetings will be shared day of event on Facebook and Instagram.