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EXCLUSIVE: Birth and Rebirth for Juliet Bickford

EXCLUSIVE: Birth and Rebirth for Juliet Bickford

By Larry Bonko Her life turned into a bad TV movie. That is how Juliet Bickford characterizes the events of the recent past.   Bickford abruptly quit WTKR early in 2014 in a moment of high drama during which she pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return.   Five months after making that plea,

New on Fall Television

By Larry Bonko CBS this fall gives us Tea Leoni as a University of Virginia history professor who forsakes Charlottesville’s bucolic life to become Secretary of State. The CW introduces Virginia-born Grant Gustin as a masked superhero. NBC brings Katherine Heigl back to primetime as a CIA analyst in the agency’s Virginia headquarters. The Virginia

Welcome Back, Beverly Kidd

By Larry Bonko Let’s welcome Beverly Kidd back to Hampton Roads television with a tune immortalized by Louis Armstrong. Hello, Beverly. Well, hello, Beverly. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong. You’re lookin’ swell, Beverly. I can tell, Beverly. You’re still reportin’. You’re still anchorin’. I feel WTKR swayin’ while your old