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What Makes a City Great?

What Makes a City Great?

By Tom Robotham   Recently The Virginian-Pilot ran a story headlined, “Virginia Beach is the Greatest City in the Country, says a new survey.” The survey in question was conducted by WalletHub, a financial-information website—not exactly in the same league as the Pew Research Center, but ok: I’ll leave that alone for now.  There are

Paris Redux

By Tom Robotham During a recent trip to Paris, as I noted last month in this space, I was reminded of Woody Allen’s observation that no single work of art can ever compare with a great city—for in great cities, “every street…is its own special art form.” Since then, I’ve been reminded that encountering such

The American People

By Tom Robotham I have a lot of pet peeves. But if I had to pick one that stands out above all others, it would be the abuse of the phrase “the American people.” You know what I’m talking about: The tendency of politicians to proclaim that “the American people want” this or that, “believe”

Let Freedom Ring

By Tom Robotham   On September 3, The New York Times published an article about renewed efforts in China to instill patriotism into the hearts and minds of its school children. “Sparkling red stars and bloody tales of military sacrifice accompanied 200 million Chinese children into the new school year this week,” the article stated,

Reflections on an Immortal Genius

BY TOM ROBOTHAM I don’t know what it means and I don’t care because it’s Shakespeare and it’s like having jewels in my mouth when I say the words. ― Frank McCourt.   First off, I must make a confession: There was a time when I hated Shakespeare. I can recall, in particular, the dreary