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VIEWPOINT: Kathy Griffin Dead Wrong on Trump Gag

VIEWPOINT: Kathy Griffin Dead Wrong on Trump Gag

By Brian Kirwin And I can’t deny the fact that you like me. Right now, you like me!  — Sally Field, Academy Awards, 1985.   Two lessons need to be understood throughout the Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump episode. One, entertainers have always been used to being protected, and they really aren’t anymore. Two, our

Fury over Fraim Flight a Red Herring

By Phillip Newswanger   For once, I agree with Councilwoman Theresa Whibley.   The fury over the Fraim flight was “the silliest thing I’ve ever seen brought up.”   Mayor Paul Fraim, accompanied by City Manager, Marcus Jones, and City Attorney, Bernard Pishko, flew to Baltimore June 16 to “meet with representatives from The Cordish

Vote to Move Virginia Forward in November

By Michael Hamar   For non-political junkies (for the record I will admit that I am a political junkie!), living in Virginia can be exhausting given its off year state elections which result in Virginians undergoing political campaign overload literally every year.  But every year’s election cycle does matter and the outcome can have a