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Grade Old Dominion University an A in Arts

Grade Old Dominion University an A in Arts

(Dr. Cullen Strawn is Old Dominion University’s Executive Director for the Arts) By Jeff Maisey If you’ve visited the campus of Old Dominion University recently, you’ve likely noticed quite an upgrade to its performing and visual arts buildings, whether the Goode Theater, Barry Arts Building or the Gordon Art Galleries. I imagine any high school

Norfolk Chamber Consort Opens 2017-18 Season with Baroque Drama

By Jeff Maisey The duels and competition of ideas among some of America’s early political leaders are famously documented in historical written accounts, but it is perhaps even more fascinating to think of composers from the Baroque period nearly impaling the other. Such is the background for Norfolk Chamber Consort’s 2017-18 season opener, “George Frederick

Running on Faith: A Conversation with Tim Seibles, Virginia’s Poet Laureate

By Tom Robotham Tim Seibles is nationally acclaimed poet and a professor of creative writing and literature at Old Dominion University. Over the years he has won many accolades, notably in 2012, when he was a finalist for the National Book Award. This year he was named Virginia’s Poet Laureate. Recently I sat down with