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Norfolk NATO Festival 2017

Norfolk NATO Festival 2017

By Jeff Maisey Norfolk NATO festival, the world’s only festival celebrating the Trans-Atlantic alliance and its importance, is on full display this Friday and Saturday in downtown Norfolk. All events are free and open to the public. One of this year’s highlights includes flybys and an air demonstration over the sky of downtown Norfolk by

Cross The Pond IPA: NATO Chief of Staff and Bold Mariner collaborate on symbolic craft beer

By Jeff Maisey Norfolk’s Bold Mariner Brewing Company recently joined forces with NATO Allied Command Transformation Chief of Staff Air Marshall Sir Graham Stacey of the United Kingdom to collaborate on a craft beer full of as much symbolism as tasty ingredients in honor of Norfolk NATO Festival, the 100th anniversary of Naval Station Norfolk,

NATO Fest After Party Celebrates German Beer

By Jeff Maisey Cogans North Pizza will host a Norfolk NATO Festival after party Saturday, April 23 as a fun way to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the The Reinheitsgebot — German Purity Law of Brewing. Cogans North will feature a commemorative beer brewed by Weihenstephaner called 1516 as well as draft options from Spaten and Hofbrau.

NATO SACT Says Farewell to Norfolk; Reflects on Career, the Future

By Jeff Maisey French Air Force General Jean-Paul Palomeros, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), will relinquish his command September 30 during a ceremony in downtown Norfolk. General Palomeros has served as SACT since September 2012 after a distinguished career that began in 1973. During his 42-year military career, in addition to flying combat missions