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FILM: Igniting the Solar Revolution in Virginia

FILM: Igniting the Solar Revolution in Virginia

By Tench Phillips, Naro Cinema   I was recently invited to speak on a panel at Norfolk State University. The topic was ‘The Film Industry: Its Celluloid Past, Its Digital Present, Its Limitless Future’ sponsored by the Mass Communications and Journalism Department. I’m rarely asked by academia to speak or consult with any class or

Project Censored: Essential News Stories That Didn’t Make the News

By Tench Phillips, Naro Cinema   I grew up watching the Nightly News with Walter Cronkite, oftentimes as my family was sitting down around the kitchen table and eating dinner. I never questioned the accuracy or truthfulness of the reporting that Uncle Walter brought into our home each night – or whether there might be

Legacy of Neocons: A Worldwide Refugee Crisis

By Tench Phillips, Naro Cinema   In the anticipation leading up to the release this fall of Michael Moore’s first new film in six years, Where To Invade Next?, the Naro brings a series of new documentaries that explore the consequences of recent U.S. foreign policy decisions around the world. For the past 50 years

Crimes Against Nature: Seismic Testing and Proposed Drilling Off Virginia Beach

By Tench Phillips   I walk my dogs on many early mornings along the beach and often watch the bottlenose dolphins right offshore cavorting and playing in the waves. These peaceful and intelligent creatures who inhabit another world will soon be needlessly harmed by corporate and government powers unconcerned with their wellbeing. Nor with yours.

New Progressive Cinema

By Tench Phillips, co-owner Naro Cinema War is Over! (If You Want It) – John Lennon The first modern draft lottery was held in December 1969. I remember well; my birth-date was drawn early on in the lottery and I was dealt a low draft number. At the time I had a college deferment but