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FILM: Naro Cinema Schedule

FILM: Naro Cinema Schedule

By Tench Phillips   Why do we humans care so much for certain living creatures and not so much for others? Obviously, we care most about our closely related flesh and blood, followed by the ethnic groups we were born into. Our identification expands out to include our schools, churches, teams, political parties, and our

The Colonization of the American Mind: Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon

By Tench Phillips I’ve never been good at predicting the future especially when it comes to computing, programming, technology, and business. I didn’t foresee the transformative power of the cell phone, personal computer, or the worldwide web. If I had been able to glimpse the future, I might have chosen to continue my early trajectory

The Seer: Wendell Berry and the Shattered Soul of Rural America

By Tench Phillips Living here in the greater Norfolk area, we are the beneficiaries of a well-organized urban society. We have cultural events, education, good health care if you can access it, infrastructure and services, and better than average employment thanks to the federally subsidized military-industrial complex. The diversity of peoples that live in our

The Veneer of Civil Society and the Hidden Roots of War

By Tench Phillips How does a civilized society disintegrate into civil war and murder within a short span of time? Throughout the last century, state backed violence has been waged time and again by modern industrial societies against their own citizens. Germany’s descent into fascism is the most notorious example but there’s been many more