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ART REVIEW: Stickwork is a Fantastical Fortress

ART REVIEW: Stickwork is a Fantastical Fortress

By Betsy DiJulio Little boys build forts in the woods.  When they grow up, one of them at least builds fortresses. Although fortress isn’t quite the right term for what Patrick Doughtery builds.  Birds nest, indigenous tribe dwelling, boma, nor “folly”—those nonsensical structures erected on the estates of wealthy English and Scotsman—are exactly it either. 

Art Exhibits

Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk) “Libensky and Brychtova,” Through August Permanent Collection, ongoing www.chrysler.org   Mayer Fine Art Gallery (Norfolk) 803-4749   Virginia MOCA (VA Beach) “Multiplicity,” Through August 17 425-0000, www.VirginiaMOCA.org   Peninsula Fine Arts Center (Newport News) “Emerging Virginia Artists,” Through October 12 www.pfac-va.org   Charles H. Taylor Center (Hampton)  “Virginia Artists 2014