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Adventures in Oxidation, or Forsooth, Can a Beer Be Too Long in the Tooth? 

Adventures in Oxidation, or Forsooth, Can a Beer Be Too Long in the Tooth? 

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones   There is an expression that some things get better with age. Examples of things that get better with age are many full-bodied red wines, those Levi jeans you wore in college, and us, the collective we, gain wisdom as we get older. Beer, for the most part, does

Treaty of Ghent Brewing

By Jeff Maisey The idea of a collaboration between O’Connor and Smartmouth has been brewing beneath the surface for some time. While each of these Norfolk-based craft breweries have collaborated multiple times on one-off, specialty beers with other local breweries as well as outsiders like Green Flash, the question has been asked, “Why not these

Get Ready to Savor the Sour at Beach Brewing

By Elizabeth Erschens & Diane Catanzaro   Pucker up people. Sour power will transform your mind as it tantalizes your tongue, as Beach Brewing enters the third dimension of brewing. While most people think of beers as one-dimensional (that dimension being bitter), and stout lovers recognize the second dimension (roasted flavors), Beach Brewing is exploring

100 Craft Breweries Now in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA –The Virginia Craft Brewers Guild announced today that the Commonwealth is now home to over 100 craft breweries. This important milestone was celebrated at the Guild’s annual meeting and Craft Beer Caucus legislative reception, attended by over 150 brewers and legislators from around the Commonwealth. “100 craft breweries is a huge milestone for

O’Connor Brewing Crowned 2014 Brewery of the Year

By Diane Catanzaro & Chris Jones   It has been a stellar year for beer in the 757. The 2014 VEER Golden Tap Awards list is a veritable feast of breweries, restaurants, and retailers that are helping to make Hampton Roads a beer destination and a much more fun place to live than back in

King of Hop Imperial India Pale Ale

King of Hop Imperial India Pale Ale Starr Hill Brewery This is the latest edition to Starr Hill’s all-star All Access series of special, limited edition beers available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles. The Crozet-VA brewery is keen on naming its beers with musical references. So what can be bigger during summer concert season