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Under the Hypnotic Spell of Blaq Magie

Under the Hypnotic Spell of Blaq Magie

By Jeff Maisey   Traprock Misfit, aka K’Bana Blaq, is known to many as the flamboyant male vocalist in The Fuzz Band, a Hampton-based R&B group known for its cross-over appeal, whether taking on soul, hip hop, rock, jazz or ‘80s synth-pop. K’Bana also has an emerging solo career and has released a fabulous, trippy

CD REVIEW: Tempest

Tempest “The Tracks We Leave” (Magna Carta) Tempest, those pirate-clad, swashbuckling progressive Celtic rocking musicians based in the San Francisco Bay area, have set sail with what is arguably the veteran group’s most bountiful collection of tunes. Throughout the 11 “tracks,” Tempest weaves a seamless mixture of traditionally-rooted Irish, Scottish and Norwegian music with ‘70s-era

CD REVIEW: Vinny Peculiar

Vinny Peculiar “Down the Bright Stream” (Shadrack & Duxbury Records) For his 10th studio album, Vinny Peculiar (aka Alan Wilkes) flows “Down The Bright Stream” of life, reflecting on things of the past, set in his homeland of Manchester, England. Aural moods and lyrical whimsy paint an interesting picture through his eyes. The “hit” single

CD REVIEW: Deist Requiem

Deist Requiem “The Happiness Delusion” (Sacrifice Records) Veteran local metal/industrial recording artists Deist Requiem return with a hard-pounding collection of 10 songs powered by the relentless Jodi Joy (drums), Kyzer Kooper (vox/keys), Brance Arnold (guitar) and Brian Powers (bass). Recorded at GWAR’s Slave Pit Studio in RVA and produced by h3 of hERETICS iN tHE