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Community Pride

Community Pride

By Jeff Maisey   Perhaps the most recognizable, beloved, socially and politically active couple in Norfolk’s eclectic neighborhood of Ghent is Claus Ihlemann and Robert Roman. You might as well call them the Dynamic Duo – because they are just that. Claus and Robert are the owners of Decorum, a contemporary furniture store that has

Paddleboard 2

Paddle-boarding at Chick’s Beach

By Lucy Mills   It took its time but summer eventually arrived and now it feels like that transitional period of change for many people, which can only be described as preparing for a ‘mid-year-new-year.’  Some of you are going back to work after a summer with the kids, others are returning to college or

Lieutenant General Phil Jones of the British Army at NATO ACT headquarters in Norfolk, VA

Ukraine Top of the List for NATO Summit

By Jeff Maisey   The crisis in Ukraine is considered a top priority when the Heads of State of all 28 NATO members are joined by 4,000 delegates, 70 defense chiefs and other partner nation leaders at the 2014 NATO Summit on September 4-5 in Newport, Wales. The Summit, which occurs every other year, is