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Upstart Promoters Bring Life to Local Music Scene

Upstart Promoters Bring Life to Local Music Scene

By Jeff Maisey Norfolk’s local underground music scene has a long history of young, upstart guys who take it upon themselves to seek-out a potential venue and book a mix of homegrown talent as well as lure the occasional nationally touring independent band on an off-night between gigs in major markets like Washington, DC and


By Tom Robotham Donald Trump has made many revealing comments since that fateful day when he descended on the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his campaign. But his recent remark that terrorists are “losers” may be the most revealing of all. In Trump’s mind, there is nothing worse than being a “loser.” Of course,

Hampton Arts Celebrates 30 Years

By Jeff Maisey For its 30th anniversary, Hampton Arts glances back at some of its most popular programming while clearly looking forward. Hampton Arts programs performing arts and film at the historic American Theatre in the Phoebus section of the city and visual art exhibitions and classes at the Charles H. Taylor Art Center. The

Alewerks to Open Satellite Brewery at Outlet Mall

Alewerks Brewing Company proudly announces its newest venture, a satellite tasting room in the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. An open-concept retail store and micro-brewing facility at the new location will offer outlet visitors a completely new experience. Shoppers may sample the many beers Alewerks has to offer, as well as learn more about the eleven-year-old brewery’s

A Special Message For Black Men: We Can Do This!

By John L. Horton “To help yourself, you must respect yourself, educate yourself. Attachment to drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, material goods, and short-term rewards are just a new form of slavery. Liberation comes with health, education, responsibility, financial independence, family stability, and community service….”  — Malcolm X   As an African-American male of 76 years, I

Paris Redux

By Tom Robotham During a recent trip to Paris, as I noted last month in this space, I was reminded of Woody Allen’s observation that no single work of art can ever compare with a great city—for in great cities, “every street…is its own special art form.” Since then, I’ve been reminded that encountering such