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Bruce Hornsby Unlocks the Funhouse

Bruce Hornsby Unlocks the Funhouse

By Jim Newsom   Bruce Hornsby’s got a brand new album and there’s not a single note played on piano. Hornsby, who lights up the Virginia Arts Festival with a three-day “Funhouse Fest” in Williamsburg this month, has built a 30-year recording career around his remarkable keyboard stylings. But with Rehab Reunion, he’s sticking with

Gill Landry Plays Bayou Boogaloo

By Jim Morrison   Gill Landry. Roll that around. Pause, ponder. Yes, Gill Landry is a longtime member of Old Crow Medicine Show. But the New Orleans resident also has a jagged solo career, releasing three albums, including his latest meditation, “Gill Landry,” last year. And, according to his bio, he’s a fine roadside photographer,

Chris Botti on Impressions, Streaming and Live Music

By Jeff Maisey   If jazz trumpeter Chris Botti and his band seem to be on the road a lot, with seemingly annual stops in Hampton Roads, he is. With the recorded music industry in disarray because of streaming services such as Pandora, popular acts like Botti have found survival of the fittest to be

Rodeo Clown Saddles Up at Colley Cantina

By Jeff Maisey   As part of the Colley Cantina/Veer Magazine Saturday Night Live local music series, Norfolk-based alt-country band Rodeo Clown will perform Saturday, April 30. In addition to music, great Baja California style food and craft beer, there’ll be concert tick giveaways for summer shows at the Portsmouth Pavilion. As a preview for

Music from Centuries Past Comes to Norfolk from Venice

By Montague Gammon III   The Venice Baroque Orchestra will bring the still-fresh Italian and German music of three and four centuries ago to Norfolk this year, mixing familiar composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and Handel with the lesser known Geminani, Corelli and Veracini for a concert at the Virginia Arts Festival’s downtown Norfolk Robin

Barbara Nesbitt Returns for Rare Daze Reunion

By Jeff Maisey   There’s a lot of talk lately about preventing brain-drain in Hampton Roads. When talented people leave the region because creative opportunity exists elsewhere it’s a disappointing reality. Recently, fiddle player extraordinaire Charlie Austin left for Nashville because he couldn’t make a living here as a working musician. Another such person is

John Fullbright Headlines TAO’s Sea Level Fest

By Jim Morrison   The last time John Fullbright was in Norfolk, five years ago, he played a private house concert in a garage for about 80 people. To say his career has taken off since then would be like saying Bob Dylan has written some pretty good songs. In 2012, Fullbright, then 24, self-released