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Getting to the Root of Radicalization

Getting to the Root of Radicalization

By Al Markowitz   After the mass shootings in Paris and San Bernardino there was a lot of talk in the news about “radicalization.” This idea of people being radicalized has got me thinking. We heard reports repeated ad infinitum on the news that San Berardino shooter Syed Farook and especially Tashfeen Malik had been in communication

Reconsidering the ABC

By Al Markowitz Like many of you, I have been increasingly appalled by the abuses of our state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC, especially their attempts at law enforcement at UVA. Last year armed under cover ABC agents attacked Elizabeth Daly, a twenty year old student after she and two classmates bought sparkling

Getting Things Done in Virginia

By Al Markowitz   Most of us often feel frustrated and powerless as individuals regarding issues that affect us. We can sometimes feel utterly depressed and beaten by self-serving corrupt politicians and by the idiocy of people around us who are taken in by the judgmentalism, hate and blind nationalism pushed by the right-wing corporate media machine.

America at the Crossroads: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Al Markowitz     Let this be the year that police revolvers, stove-hot, blister the fingers of raging cops and nightsticks splinter in their palms this is the year that dark-skinned men lynched a century ago return to sip coffee quietly with the apologizing descendents of their executioners – Martín Espada   I found the

Reaching Critical Mass

By Al Markowitz I hate summer. The torpid heat we usually suffer through for months in our area takes a heavy toll on me. This has been a much cooler summer for us than usual, even a little chilly at times. I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, while we got a break this year the unusual weather

Military Madness is Killing Our Country

By Al Markowitz   This is a Navy Town. I was in the Navy as was my father before me. Chances are if you haven’t been in the Navy you have connections to it or to another military service. People enlist for many reasons; to get educational opportunities, to escape small towns or family, to