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By John Horton Monday, February 20 is Presidents’ Day.  Therefore, I got to thinking: who is my all-time favorite president and why? Understandably there are varying opinions when it come to this, however, I have mine when it comes to this topic.   Just today (February 19), I watched C-SPAN’s program (2  and ½ hours, 7-9:30 a.m.) discussing

Enough Marches

By John Horton Well, as they say, “Here we go, again.” Just in recent days, “Marches” (demonstrations, protests and rallies) have been announced in response to Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States. Among these are: (1) Nationwide healthcare protests and rallies in favor of the Affordable Care Act, beginning January 15,

What We Americans Can Do To Overcome Hate, Racism, Anger And Fear

By John Horton   At times I see so much hate, racism, anger and fear among our citizenry. For example, Steve Bannon, former head of Breitbart News, is now CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign.  Bannon and associates are avid supporters of “Alt-Right” (a segment of right-wing ideologies presented as an alternative to mainstream  conservatism in American politics).

Lessons Learned from Independence Day: Insurgency

By John L. Horton I just saw the newly released movie, “Independence Day: Insurgency,” this afternoon (Saturday, June 25). Twenty years ago, July 1996, I saw the original/first “Independence Day” movie. Although a science-fiction, action filled movie, strictly for entertainment purposes, I “learned a lesson of life” from it. In the twenty years since the original

Will Cancellation of “No Child Left Behind” Turn Norfolk Schools into Dropout Factories?

By John Horton The “No Child Left Behind” education law is being cancelled and replaced.  The House voted on December 2 to significantly reduce the federal role in education and delegate the responsibility for improving and sanctioning public schools to the individual states.  The legislation was approved 359-64 by the House.  Furthermore, the measure would

Listen Up Young People – School Is The Key To Your Future

By John Horton   To the children and students of the 21st century: May I have a few words with you concerning an issue of utmost importance?   I challenge you to remain in school, get a good education and prepare yourself for the newly arrived 21st century.  A world of opportunities and unimaginable possibilities are attainable

Obamacare and the Roberts Court: A Profile in Courage Moment

By John Horton The times are changing…. Occasionally, we witness a significant historical event in our lifetime. I sincerely believe that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision to uphold the National Health Care Affordable Act (Obamacare) is such a time. The majority opinion was written by Chief Justice John Roberts. Six Justices voted for upholding Obamacare: