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Alkaline: From Pop-Up to Permanent

Alkaline: From Pop-Up to Permanent

By Marisa Marsey “Take less than you need. Lean in close,” Kevin Ordonez hunches over a steaming bowl to demonstrate proper ramen etiquette, plunging chopsticks into the insanely aromatic Japanese broth with noodles. “SLURP LOUDLY. Let it splatter all over your face.” “Don’t wear white,” counsels longtime pal Paolo Obcemane, who has visually chronicled the

Carlyle Bland: Hampton’s Pioneering Restauranteur

By Michael Curry The restaurant business is notoriously a tough one requiring major investments, long hours and sometimes a fickle clientele. “Until you own one, you never know what it is all about” says Carlyle Bland with knowledge and a quiet authority that he has developed over the years. While it might be true that

Sunnyside Up as d’Egg Diner Reopens

By Jeff Maisey First there was the gas-line explosion in Selden Arcade that zapped the historic building’s electrical system and created structural damage. Then came the delayed construction of the adjoining hotel/conference center project of The Main and refurbishment of the front façade of Selden Arcade. But after a three-month closing period, a complete interior

40 Years (and counting) of Todd Jurich

By Marisa Marsey “What’s the best restaurant in Hampton Roads?” I’ve been asked that question countless times over the decades. Invariably, before I can hone my inquisitors’ focus (special occasion, seafood, Italian, French, Indian, etc.) to reply most meaningfully, they’ll supply: “Todd Jurich’s Bistro, right?” That’s what happens when you get a reputation. And as

REVIEW: Rajput Indian Cuisine: Vegan and Vegetarian Buffet

By Betsy DiJulio My 1990 arrival in Virginia Beach found me Jonesin’ for Indian food in the worst way.  My late husband and I had moved here from Nashville where, for at least a year or two, every Sunday found me religiously slipping into the dark, exotic, and intoxicatingly aromatic dining room of a downtown

FOOD REVIEW: Los Cuates Taqueria & Tienda

By Joe Lowrey Luis Sanchez is an energetic fellow. He scurries through the aisles at Los Cuates Taqueria, head on a swivel, soaking in every detail and checking out the action at the tables. From across the crowded room he sees the kitchen door swing open and catches a glimpse of his reason for being,

Grace O’Malley’s: Norfolk’s Irish Pub

By Jim Roberts Martin Marron is adamant that opening Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in downtown Norfolk is not the culmination of a life-long dream. “It was—years ago,” he said after giving a tour of the nearly finished surroundings (Official grand opening date is July 26). “Then you just get too old, because the