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Timeless Work of Tanja Softic Circles Back

Timeless Work of Tanja Softic Circles Back

By Betsy DiJulio   Tanja Softic has long been of my most admired contemporary artists; and she happens to live in Richmond where she is Professor of Art at the University of Richmond.  I discovered her in a group show at CAC, now MOCA-VA, and gripping lecture when I was education director.  Since then, I

Emerging Virginia Artists

By Betsy DiJulio   Next provides a platform for 10 Commonwealth-connected “emerging” artists to share their latest work; exciting for them and important for their artistic careers.  While I’m not completely certain that the show completely delivers on Pfac’s self-proclaimed “peek into what’s next in art”—quite a lofty and prophetic goal—it certainly provides a glimpse

Changing Appalachia Debunks Stereotypes

By Betsy DiJulio Appalachian hillbillies?  Not so much. Charged with debunking stereotypes of the people of Appalachia as backwards, poor, unsophisticated, and worse, Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center (PACC) curator Gayle Paul traveled 1,800 miles in just six days to gather, pack and transport objects that would make the case. Guest curators, Dr. Jean Haskell