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Hermitage Turns on Light

Hermitage Turns on Light

By Betsy DiJulio   As Norfolk and the larger community prepares for a British invasion—the opening of Bruce Munro: Light—at the Hermitage Museum or “The Herm,” as it is quickly becoming known in it’s new, ever more progressive, and relevant form, I had an opportunity to conduct an e-interview with both Jen Duncan, the museum’s

12 color Enamel Screenprint Monoprint on White Acrylic
Unique - 23 1/2" X 23 1/2"

Variations of Clay McGlamory

By Jeff Maisey   Fall is sure to be a busy season for multi-medium visual artist Clay McGlamory. In addition to his work as an adjunct professor at Old Dominion University and an instructor of public art, installation, printmaking, papermaking and book arts at the Governor’s School for the Arts, the Norfolk-based artist has solo

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Charlotte Potter: Fragile Cartography

By Betsy DiJulio  The only thing better than seeing a fine performance is seeing that performance and being invited backstage to meet the performers.  That’s how I felt when, due to conflicting publication deadlines and exhibition opening dates, I was invited to preview “Fragile Cartography” as work was being unpacked and arranged on tables and