2018 Results Veer Music Awards

(Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos)

By Jeff Maisey

Rockin’ blues group Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos won three Veer Music Awards on a night filled the a diverse array of local talent. Rosano’s band won Album of the Year, Blues and Live categories.

Longtime folk singer Lewis McGehee won EP of the Year and the Acoustic category. Newport News’ K’Bana Blaq earned Song of the Year honors for his R&B flavored gospel tune, “Pour Me Out a Blessing. R&B artist Billy Mercury won Music Video of the Year for his “Voicemail” vid.

Waxing Poetics were honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award; Mike Williams was presented the Musician’s Musician Award; Kelly Murphy and Mitch Kirsner each received an industry award.

In addition to an online popular vote, which was open to the public and included write-in boxes in all categories, a volunteer group of people with diverse perspectives within the local music industry weighed-in to determine category winners. They were Jerome Langston (Veer Magazine), Dee Larion (Live Nation), Paul Shugrue (WHRV-FM), Crizti Walsh (96X), Jae Sinnett (WHRV-FM), Cristin Pond (Festevents), Kyle Bloom (Hampton Roads Show), Debra Persons (HardcoreNorfolk), Hunter Hughes (WHRO-FM), Beth Austin (Music photographer), Jeff Hewitt (Photo-journalist), Wendy Podmenik Darugar (Music photographer), Josh Coplon (LAVA Presents), Tyler Warnalis (TBA Productions), Duane Smith (musician), Skye Zentz (musician), and Mike Holtzclaw (Music reporter/Daily Press). Those who were also nominees were prohibited from voting for themselves.

Following are the top 10 finishers in the Album of the Year, EP of the Year, Song of the Year, and Music Video of the Year categories, plus the individual category winners.

Album of the Year
1. Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos, “Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos”
2. Bennett Wales & the Relief, “Flood Without Water”
3. Ben Phelps, “Goodbye Summer”
4. Demons, “Embrace Wolf”
5. Billy Mercury, “The SOULution”
6. K’bana Blaq, “Eve of 17”
7. Matt Thomas, “Man on the Moon”
8. Troy Breslow, “Politics and Road Rage”
9. Feral Conservatives, “Better Lives”
10. Super Doppler, “Moonlight Anthems”

EP of the Year
1. Lewis McGehee, “Lewis McGehee”
2. Skye Zentz, “Go Wandering”
3. True Body, “Over It/Tourists”
4. Dustin Furlow, “Solo”
5. Moaning Lisas, “100% ABV”
6. Logan Vath, “Lost on Leaving”
7. Shateish, “The Re-Awakening”
8. Bonne Chere, “So Strange”
9. Black Blinds, “Latitudes”
10. Skip Friel, “Seaworthy Souls”

Song of the Year
1. K’Bana Blaq, “Pour Me Out a Blessing”
2. Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos, “Blackbird”
3. Super Doppler, “We Are Doing Fine”
4. Troy Breslow, “Politics and Road Rage”
5. Shateish, “No No No”
6. The Chong Band, “Mile Post 9”
7. Bennet Wales & the Relief, “Gospel of”
8. Ben Phelps, “Goodbye Summer”
9. Billy Mercury, “Voicemail”
10. Feral Conservatives, “Anymore”

Music Video of the Year
1. Billy Mercury, “Voicemail”
2. Demons, “Always Your Own”
3. Mike Aiken, “Virginia”
4. Mason Brown and the Shiners, “American Farmer”
5. Reptile Tile, “We Are Not a Cult”
6. Shateish, “No No No”
7. Death Valley Rally, “Until It Melts Away”
8. Super Doppler, “Moonlight Anthems”
9. Ian Randall Thornton, “See You Through”
10. Wandcarver, “The Spiral”

Producer of the Year
Jacki Paolella

Feral Conservatives

Cemetery Boys

Bennett Wales & the Relief


Galaxy Dynamite

Jae Sinnett Zero to 60 Quartet

The Fuzz Band

Hip Hop
Shane Dollar

Brackish Water Jamboree

Troy Breslow

Lewis McGehee

Anthony Rosano & the Conqueroos

DJP & Mr T


Cover Band
BJ Griffin & the Galaxy Groove

World Music
United Souls

The Chosen Few

Open Mic Night
Fairgrounds Coffee w/Ronnie Talman

Live Performer 
Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos

Lord Thomas

Media Promoting Local Music (TV/Radio/Internet)
Out of the Box, WHRV-FM, Paul Shugrue

Local Music Venue
Shaka’s Live!

Local Music Indie Promoter
TBA Productions

Outdoor Festival featuring Local Music
LAVA MiniFest

Music Instrument Retailer 
Russell’s Music World

Photographer — Posed/Promotional
Jeff Hewitt

Photographer — Live
Wendy Podmenik Darugar


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